Friday, April 26, 2013

White-Tailed Jackalope Pet


There are several pets in Pirate101 that you can get as rewards for earning certain badges.  One of these pets is the White-Tailed Jackalope.  As you can see, he is pretty cute!  You get this pet in Cool Ranch as a reward for completing the badge "Frontier Drifter."

According to the description on the badge,  you earn the title "Frontier Drifter" by "Exploring important areas in Cool Ranch."  There are 21 of these areas and they are listed below.  I have separated them by skyway to make it easier.

Cooper's Roost Skyway
Cooper's Roost
Bison Burial Ground (enter the dungeon)

Santo Pollo Skyway
Santo Pollo
Banditoad Trail
Castillo Sapo (enter the dungeon)
Isla De Los Muertos

Arroyo Grande
Both Sides of Arroyo Grande (This counts as 2. Make sure you take both elevators to reach both sides)

Big Sky
Bison Village
Scorpion Rock
Gold Creek
Elder Bluff
Boot Hill (enter the dungeon)

Tumbleweed Skyway
Old Jailhouse (enter the dungeon)
Old Chirp Place (enter the dungeon)
Traveling Medicine Show

Haunted Skyway
Fort McMurtry
Miranda (enter the dungeon)
Motherlode Mine (enter the dungeon)

If you visit all of the areas above, you should receive the White-Tailed Jackalope pet.  They can all be ported to, even the dungeons. So if you have a high level friend who will take you to all of them, you can get this pet early. Good luck and have fun questing! :)