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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Marleymite Mission


Yesterday I mentioned that I was on a mission to get the Kurghas some really bad food.....At their request.  I know, I know. Weird little tigers.  But the Royal Navy really needs their help, so the Kurghas need to be kept happy.  That's how I ended up in the cannery talking to a guy about Marleymite, a really healthy, really horrible tasting food.

So that brings me to part 2 of this mission: Collecting the ingredients.  First up was Sky Gar fins.  That meant heading to the skyways for a little bit of fishing.  These are not fish I would want to meet while swimming! Good thing I have my ship!

After I defeated about 25 Sky Gars (6 battles), I had all six fins.  Next on the list was prunes.  And of course the prunes had all been stolen.  That meant more fighting.  Luckily this time it was ship battles! I love ship battles, especially Marleybone ship battles! :)

After that, it was time to find some yeast extract.  Sounds......yummy?  Anyway, I went to the mercantile, Mrs. Peggotty.  And she told me that all of the yeast extract had been stolen by LaFitte and his crew.  I have no idea why a bunch of cats would want yeast extract, but oh well.   It isn't my job to understand.  It's my job to get it back!  So I headed to the warehouse and then down to the sewers.  I had to fight a few battles with cats, but I finally found out where LaFitte's Lair was.  And by the way......yes, Bonnie Anne was absolutely thrilled to be back in the sewers! :)

Once my crew and I found Black Jean LaFitte, things really started moving along.  Apparently his crew isn't as loyal to him as mine is to me, because once he was defeated, his crew backed off.  That means two things. One, this battle was very quick. And two, I got the yeast extract! Woohoo!

I brought everything back to the cannery and had the Marleymite made.  Food consisting of fish fins, prunes and yeast extract?  Uh......I don't know about you, but I think I'll pass!  So basically, it should be absolutely perfect for the Kurghas!  Let's find out what they think!
Oh, you.....don' it? lol
So right as Mr. Kurgha Captain (yes, I know that isn't his name) was telling me how happy he was to have horrible food, I found out that the Armada had started their invasion of the Isle of Fetch!  I guess that means we all know what my next mission is!  See you next time and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



After blowing up Beachhead, I went back to talk to the Admirals and they gave me a new mission.  Apparently they lost contact with the Isle of Fetch, so I need to go figure out what is going on.
Admirals Kearns, Doggett and Nelson
So off I sailed to the Isle of Fetch.  There was a guy at the dock (Sgt. Benton) who told me that the Kurghas
started to mutiny after the last shipment of rations.  I tracked down Captain Harkness and he needed more ammunition, which of course he wanted me to get for him.....from the Kurghas.  After I did that, he sent me to help Major Chesterton defeat even more Kurghas.  Lots and lots of Kurgha battles! I think I fought 6 battles total. But hey, that's what I was there for! And the battles weren't too hard.  I remember in test realm, these guys had a lot of block, but Kingsisle must have reduced it.  I'm proud to say, there were no casualties on my side.  I can't say the same for the Kurghas though!  Here are some pictures from the fights.

Anyway, I found out that Brigadier Stewart was captured and was being held at Walkie's Hotel.  I had to go save him, because why else would I be here?  So I headed over there prepared for battle.  When I did this dungeon in Test realm, I died a few times during the last battle.  Actually, I should say I lost, because the battle objective is to protect Stewart.  It's kind of hard to protect someone who has a death wish :P  However, this time around, all three battles went smoothly.
I found out that the Kurghas were upset because of the food.  I guess they think it's too good? Right...yeah...makes perfect sense. lol  Anyway I reported back to the Admirals in the War Room and they sent me off to get the food situation "sorted out."  Make sure you watch for next next post to find out how!  See you then!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


G'Mornin' Mateys!

After taking care of Invader Fortress, the guard finally let  me into the War Room.  The Admirals told me that in order to get my commission, I had to go disable Beachhead, a very powerful, heavily armored sky station.  So I was off to do that, but first I had to stop and recruit a new crew member, Gracie Conrad.
My new companion!
Then it was off into the skyways to find Beachhead.  There it is! They want me to disable that!?!?! No problem!
A first look at Beachhead.
Once I docked, there were some armada guys to defeat.  One battle later, I was able to enter.  Gracie told us that we had to disable the 3 spokes (A, B and C) first.  Each one is a separate instance and each had 2-3 fights inside.  They were all pretty similar.  Here are some pictures.
Beating up the Battle Angels.  I want one of these as a companion!
A very scared Armada dude
Never mess with Froggo Villa....
.....Or El Toro!
We get to meet (but not fight) Bishop in Spoke B
After blowing up all three spokes, it was time to head to the main part to destroy the main battery.  This is where you finally get to face Bishop.....not once, but twice!  Here are some pictures from the first battle with him.
Bishop summons four of these robot things throughout the battle.
Luckily they can be destroyed pretty easily.
Hey! That wasn't very nice! Now you must suffer the Wrath of
Super Autumn!
Ha! What did I tell you?
This first battle actually ended fairly quickly :)
After the first Bishop fight, my crew and I headed to another area. We had to fight three more sets of Armada guys and pull the levers something.  Jam the pistons maybe? Lol, I kinda forget :P But it is supposed to make the battery blow up :)  Anyway, this part actually kind of reminds me of the Counterweights in Wizard101.
Kan Po showing the Battle Angel who's boss!
I wonder if getting whacked over the head with a wrench hurts 
as much as it looks like it does
When I reached the bottom level, Bishop was there guarding the last lever.  This battle was very similar to the first one with him, but for some reason it took me a little longer.  However, my crew and I prevailed again!  The only loss throughout this whole thing was in this last battle......RIP Bonnie Anne :(
Destroying Bishop's little robot friend
Oh.....He's summoning another one. I guess I will just have to destroy
that one too! :)
Bishop is no match for Kan Po!
Especially with the help of El Toro!
Defeated again!  Take that Bird Beak :P
 Now it was time to pull the final lever and get the heck outta there!  No one wanted fried Autumn for dinner!  (Especially Autumn!)
Aww, Bonnie Anne! I wanted to hang around and roast some marshmallows!
 I headed back to the War Room and the Admirals were very impressed!  So you know what that means......I got my commission!  Woot!
Sweet victory!
Now that I am a part of the Royal Navy, I wonder what my next mission will be.  Check back soon to find out!  Thanks for reading and have fun questing!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Invading Invader Fortress


I was on my way to get my commission to the Royal Army.  However, I apparently didn't look up to the job, so the guard outside the door sent me on a little test.
Ha! No problem! I guess he didn't know I already have experience with that!
 Okay, this wasn't too bad. It was only a couple fights.  But I have to say one thing: I. DO. NOT. LIKE. ARAMADA MUSKETEERS! At all!  I have more trouble with them than anything else so far.  I still managed without dying though! :)  Here are a couple pictures.
I guess El Toro didn't like them much either!
This companion is making the Armada see stars :P
So me and my crew managed to invade Invader Fortress and blow it up! Woo hoo!!!!  Now back to the War Room to see if I can get commissioned into the Army. Wish me luck!
Yes, let's go! Soldiers march! 1, 2, 3, 4....!
So far I am absolutely loving Marleybone!  I don't think there is anything to NOT like about it!  All the adjustments they made during test are perfect!  Anyway, I should have another post about my questing later this evening or tomorrow morning, so be sure to watch for it! Also watch for a new contest soon! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Favors for a Frog


When I reached Marleybone, it was my job to track down Catbeard.  My first stop was the tavern, where I got the name of Catbeard's "solicitor", Swidget.
No idea what's going on here. Maybe he was surprised to see a pirate
looking for Catbeard?  Jumpy little frog-man :P
 Anyway, Swidget said he would get me in to see Catbeard......IF I saved his nephew from the gang he got mixed up with.  So it was off to do some battling.
Froggo Villa doesn't like being messed with!
Neither does Kan Po (but I think you guys already knew that) :P
Glad you like them Bonnie Anne! I have a feeling we might be
seeing more in the future.
 So eventually I tracked down Swidget's nephew, saved him and brought him back with me.  And now Swidget says he will help!
I thought frogs only know one word.....Ribbit!
That wouldn't help much, so luckily this one knows more!
I met Swidget at the prison, where I watched him convince the guards that my crew and I  I have no idea what we are experts at, but hey, whatever works! And it worked!
I can't believe anyone would believe that!
 Catbeard had only one message for me:  He would tell me about the next map piece if I...........
Okay, okay! Super Autumn to the rescue!
 To do that, I now have to go try to join the Royal Navy.  This should be an awesome time!  I can't wait to see what happens!
This should be......interesting? :)
I will post more about that tomorrow. Until then, have fun questing and thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nautical Leveling in Marleybone

Ahoy again!

I decided to take a break from questing to nautical level a little.  My goal is to be nautical level 55-57 when I leave Marleybone.  Right now I am 51 1/2, so it shouldn't be too bad to get to 55.  Anyway, I sailed around and found all the different types of ships in the Westminster Skyway and took some pictures of their spells.

There are 5 or six different types of ships to battle.  However, only 3 of them had photographic-type spells.  Here they are:

So as you can see, some pretty cool spells.  I think Storm Lord was in the game before, but only as a spell our ships could use.  So it's new for enemy ships to be using it.  And I have never seen the other 2 before.  I hope we'll be able to get them for our ships somewhere!

And here's a bonus picture!  While I was sailing around, I found Marleybone City!  I'm sure this was probably there in test realm, but I didn't notice it then.  You can even see Big Ben!  I know it's kind of hard to see because of the fog, but still pretty cool.  I wonder if we will get to dock there in the future.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Have a great evening and see ya'll later! :)

On My Way!


I started questing through the new content yesterday.  You may remember that I was on my way to see Catbeard about a piece of the map.  Well, when I got there, I found out he had been captured and sent to Marleybone.  So now my job is to break into Fort Basset in order to get the yellow windstone to Marleybone.

However, once I got to Port Regal, of course people wanted me to do things in return for their help.  First up was to get rid of the ghosts in St. Fido's Church.
Kan Po's attack is pretty.....but I bet the bloodbat doesn't agree.
These evil spirit things gave Froggo Villa a nice ZAP!
Another Kan Po-esque attack
Attack of the killer eyeball!
So after dealing with the St. Fido ghosties, I got the key to the sewers that lead into Fort Basset.  There were several battles in here, but I only took a couple pictures.  I managed with no problem and recovered the yellow windstone!
Sorry for all the Kan Po pics, but he's awesome!!  By far my favorite companion!
The Redcoats did not like Gorandao too much at all!
The windstone is mine! :D
After getting the windstone, it was off to Mooshu to get my paperwork in order.  However.....of course I had to help out more people before i could get what I wanted.  This time I had to defeat Sato and a bunch of his minions.  Again, easy-peasy! :)
Wow, that's a lot of traps! It's like being dropped into an alligator pit!
Uh......Not that I have ever been in an alligator pit.  Yeah, moving on.....
I think this is me using Mournsong on Sato.  Buh-bye! :)
So now that I completed that, I was able to get the paperwork I needed and it was off to Marleybone!  See you there! :)
Stormgate to Marleybone :)
My first look at Marleybone....well since it has gone live anyway.
First stop: The Isle of Dogs!
I will post more about my first quests in Marleybone next time.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow. See you then! And have a grand ol' time questin' me hearties! :)