Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Things I Wish I Had Known

Ahoy Mateys!

Have you ever been doing something, whether it's online or in real life and had an "Ah Ha!" moment?  You know what I'm talking about.....You suddenly realize something that will make things easier and it's followed by you thinking, "I wish I had known that before!"

Well, I have had quite a few of those moments myself when playing Pirate101.  Actually, I still get them, though not as frequently as I did in the first month or so of playing.  I figured I would post  some of them here. Who knows, maybe they will help newer players, or even someone who has been playing awhile.  So here goes nothing!

  1. Companion training points are worth more experience if your companion is more levels below your level.  So if you're level 25 and your companion is level 24, it will take several training points to get him to the next level.  However, if you are level 25 and your companion is level 15, one training point will raise your companion several levels.  So don't worry about keeping companions the same level as you. Just level them enough so that they are a high enough level to be helpful!
  2. You can use your blue potions during ship battles to refill your ship's health.  I always knew that the blue potions refilled the health of my character and my ship, but I never realized that I could click the bottle while in combat and have it refill my ship's health.  I have found this to be extremely useful since I discovered it!  And it definitely explains why the blue yum fruits refill the bottles more slowly in the skyways than they do on land!
  3. Companions are usually recruited at least one level higher than your current level, sometimes even 2-3 levels higher.  The same thing is true with companions that are purchased in the crown shop, with bundles and received from the card packs.  When I made my witchdoctor, I did all the side quests to get companions as I progressed through the game. This left me with around 30 companions to try to level up.  While this wasn't too much of an issue, I have decided that with future characters, I will go back and do those quests after I am max level.  That way they will be recruited at a higher level and I wont have to worry about training points for them until the next expansion.
  4. The cost of resetting your practice points depends on how many you have used. I believe it is free for up to 3 practice points. Then starting with four, the game starts charging 350 crowns for each subsequent practice point you are buying back.
  5. You can reset your companions' powers and talents for gold. It costs 6250 gold to reset one companion's powers, epic and talents.  For some reason, I thought this cost crowns, but I recently realized it doesn't when I was playing around with some things in test realm.   I was super happy to figure this out because when I first started playing I didn't really understand too much about how the stats worked.  Now my companions are much stronger than before.

So that's all I can think of for now.  If I remember more, or find out new things later on, I might make a new post.  I figure, if this helps even one person, then it will be worth it!  And even if it doesn't help.....well it was still fun to look back at those "Ah Ha" moments and write them down.  :)  And if you have anything that you have figured out in game that might help someone, please comment and let us know what it was!  Thanks for reading and have fun exploring! :)


Anonymous said...

I am not level 61 and you gave me an ah hah moment about the blue potions for the ship battle, and resetting companion talents. Thank you so much for sharing!
I actually had ah hah moments for most of what you shared I am ashamed to admit lol.
Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I am a max witch doctor and i bought over fifteen companions from the crown shop after i maxed out so they were level 67 if they costed 4495 crowns and 68 if they costed 2995 crowns.