Monday, May 13, 2013

A New Pirate Class Contest Winners


This contest ended on Friday and the winners have been chosen by myself, Edward Lifegem and Ian Stormstaff.  But before I announce them, I want to say a couple things.  First, thanks to everyone who entered! There were so many amazing entries that it was really, really, really, really, REALLY hard to choose.  Which brings me to the second thing.  I have decided to give away 3-$10.00 Pirate101 gift cards instead of just one! That means there will be 3 winners announced in this post!  And third, a huge thanks to Edward and Ian for helping me judge this contest! :)

Okay, now onto the winners.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • Dead-Eye Justin
  • Crazy Ryan Upham
  • Clever Luke Lawson
Congratulations to all of you! I will be emailing your codes to the emails you used to submit your entries very shortly. Like I said, there were so many awesome entries! I may make another post tomorrow with some of the honorable mentions.  If you would like to see the winning entries, they are posted below.  Congrats again guys, and thank you to all of you!  Be sure to keep an eye out for more contests and see you around the spiral! :)

Winning Entries
Dead-Eye Justin
From the great deep caves of Cool Ranch the Gold Digger class was found! These pirates fly through the sky on their pure gold ships upstaging the Monquistans! Prospector (Professor) Zeke teaches his students how to quickly mine and dig under their enemies to attack from the ground. Attacking from the ground also makes the Gold Digger class the most protected. Their attacks are feeble but often, usually attacking three times in a turn! The students in the Gold Digger class and their friends in battle also collect 50% more gold after  combat making them the richest class of them all! However, the Gold Digger class does have the least amount of companions, as they are shy and only take on companions from their home town of Cool Ranch. A very nice plus to the class is that Prospector Zeke does provide a (non-transferable) Drilling Machine Mount as a parting gift when they set sail for Skull Island to assist Avery (Students may train from Prospector Zeke in the local pub)! Their weapons are "Diggy" and consists of Pickaxes, Shovels, etc. Their signature attack is called, DYNAMITE!, this attack is a dynamite stick and attacks all enemies in a 3x3 radius. They are given this attack as a starter assault.  Their starter companion is Jake Dawson a Swashbuckler/Gold Digger Chicken Miner. The Swashbuckler class also get a similar fellow, but they have to wait until level 24..... at least!
Jake Dawson
Class Name - Gold Digger 
Class Teacher's Name - Prospector/Professor Zeke 
Class move/talent - Ability to dig underground & DYNAMITE!
Class Icon
Class Mask
Crazy Ryan Upham
If Pirate101 was to add a sixth class, I think it should be Chefateer (chef-a-teer). With this new class, pirates do not need to worry about being hungry during their expedition around the spiral. That's right, this class is the cook of the ship. At the start of the game, a chefateer pirate will join forces with a monkey. His name is Moncook. This monkey is also a chefateer and is relatives to Gandry. That's why they look alike (As shown in picture) When the pirates have to create a flag, there will be new designs like the chef skeleton, fork, and spoon. Also, including the new stripes design. The teacher of this class is Moowinda. :) I chose her because I personally like Moolinda in Wizard101 and this is her sister. This class is like a combination of privateer and swashbuckler (My favorite classes in the game).Can heal and attack which will make it really strong. The bad side of it is that it's not far range so the pirates must come up with a strategy. Weakness is musketeer. Hope you like my ideas. This was an idea I had a long time ago and I still want to pursue it :D
Class Icon, Class mask, etc.
Clever Luke Lawson
Class Name: Oracle

Class icon & skull
Class Icon
Class Skull/Mask
Class Details: This class is for pirates who wish to see the future, look into crystal balls, and speak prophecies. This class was inspired by Aquila and its apparent Greek mythology theme. This is because oracles were prevalent in Ancient Greece. The weapons of this class include staffy weapons and crystal weapons (specifically crystal balls). Also, it'd be cool if eye patches for oracles covered their "third eye". Finally, oracles rely on will for their attacks and their powers.

Example Powers: Some of the Oracle powers would be...
    Psychic Spark- light damage would be dealt to a 3x3 area and would slow the enemies. Variants: (Psychic Blast; Psychic Storm)     Prediction- increase dodge of target by 25%   Variants: (Vision; Prophecy)*    Oracle's Hex- ability allowing the target to poison any attacking enemy whose attack is dodged.  Variants: (Oracle's Curse)    Aquillo's Cry- damages and stuns (for 1 round) target.  Variants: (Aquillo's Wail; Aquillo's Scream)**
* This is based on if you predicted the enemy's move (being an oracle and all), you could dodge accordingly easily. 
** Based off the Greek God (really named Apollo) the Oracle of Delphi (in Ancient Greece) supposedly got her prophecies from.

Trainer:  Pythia (named after the Oracle of Delphi). She is an Aquilan Eagle. She represents the Oracle of Delphi and sends all pirates on a string of quests in Aquila that consist of rescuing "Aquillo" (Apollo). The quests reward with companion training points.

Companions (exclusive to Oracle):
-Tutorial companion:  Lao Sing- Koi Student- Privateer    

-Tavern Cellar companion: Cassandra- Cat Seer- Oracle      
-Skull Island Side Quest:  Muffy MacDonald- Mouse Thief- Swashbuckler    
-before Gortez Fight companion:  Lil' Thomas- Troggy Defender- Buccaneer   
-Monquista Side:  Monquistan Priest- Oracle 
-4 Cool Ranch side companions: Robby- Roster Brawler- Buccaneer            
                                                  Ole' Walter- Chicken Old-Timer-  Musketeer            
                                                  Bright Leaf- Bison Spirit- Privateer            
                                                  Katie Sharpsight- Chicken Cadet- Musketeer   
 - Cool Ranch main companion:  Mustang Champion- Buccaneer       
 -2 Mooshu side companions:  Ju Lang- Inoshishi Mystic- Witchdoctor            
                                               Inoshishi Prophet- Oracle


Crazy Ryan Upham said...

Thank you for choosing my entry! I really love the contest :)