Thursday, May 16, 2013

Autumn and the Silver Bullets


I was able to quest a little on my Privateer.  When I left off before, I was getting ready to track down some silver to make some bullets.  That brought me to the mine in Cooper's Roost.....And guess what!

Yep, that's right.  Of course we'll have to fight before we get what we came for. Nothing is ever easy!  And it was A LOT of bloodbats to fight.  And after that we had to defeat a miner guy.  Lots of sketchy stuff going on back there in that mine.  Here are a few pictures of the battles.

So after all that, it was time to go get our bullets made.  Smitty didn't want to waste the silver at first, but he agreed to help me out.

So now that I have the bullets, it's time to track down a duck!  I'll tell you about that next time!  Sorry for the short post, but things have been busy. I will be back tomorrow with more though, I promise!  Thanks for reading!