Sunday, May 26, 2013

Favors for a Frog


When I reached Marleybone, it was my job to track down Catbeard.  My first stop was the tavern, where I got the name of Catbeard's "solicitor", Swidget.

No idea what's going on here. Maybe he was surprised to see a pirate
looking for Catbeard?  Jumpy little frog-man :P
 Anyway, Swidget said he would get me in to see Catbeard......IF I saved his nephew from the gang he got mixed up with.  So it was off to do some battling.
Froggo Villa doesn't like being messed with!
Neither does Kan Po (but I think you guys already knew that) :P
Glad you like them Bonnie Anne! I have a feeling we might be
seeing more in the future.
 So eventually I tracked down Swidget's nephew, saved him and brought him back with me.  And now Swidget says he will help!
I thought frogs only know one word.....Ribbit!
That wouldn't help much, so luckily this one knows more!
I met Swidget at the prison, where I watched him convince the guards that my crew and I  I have no idea what we are experts at, but hey, whatever works! And it worked!
I can't believe anyone would believe that!
 Catbeard had only one message for me:  He would tell me about the next map piece if I...........
Okay, okay! Super Autumn to the rescue!
 To do that, I now have to go try to join the Royal Navy.  This should be an awesome time!  I can't wait to see what happens!
This should be......interesting? :)
I will post more about that tomorrow. Until then, have fun questing and thanks for reading! :)


Swordroll said...

I have to say, this update is brilliant, don't you think so? I hope you play with your sound on, because some of these voice actors are really great. There are so many characters that I really loved - I wish I'd made a list.

The dialogue is just perfect, especially that Catbeard bit. Not sure if you saw my tweets or not, but doesn't he just make the perfect faces for some of those? :P

When I started, I was personally just so excited to do Catbeard's trial! Turns out that it shows up later in the storyline. Marleybone, Marleybone. I just don't know how Aquila is going to top it.

Hope to see you sailing the skyways over the next couple of weeks! Definitely call if you need any assistance! And keep us up-to-date on your adventures! :)