Wednesday, May 29, 2013



After blowing up Beachhead, I went back to talk to the Admirals and they gave me a new mission.  Apparently they lost contact with the Isle of Fetch, so I need to go figure out what is going on.

Admirals Kearns, Doggett and Nelson
So off I sailed to the Isle of Fetch.  There was a guy at the dock (Sgt. Benton) who told me that the Kurghas
started to mutiny after the last shipment of rations.  I tracked down Captain Harkness and he needed more ammunition, which of course he wanted me to get for him.....from the Kurghas.  After I did that, he sent me to help Major Chesterton defeat even more Kurghas.  Lots and lots of Kurgha battles! I think I fought 6 battles total. But hey, that's what I was there for! And the battles weren't too hard.  I remember in test realm, these guys had a lot of block, but Kingsisle must have reduced it.  I'm proud to say, there were no casualties on my side.  I can't say the same for the Kurghas though!  Here are some pictures from the fights.

Anyway, I found out that Brigadier Stewart was captured and was being held at Walkie's Hotel.  I had to go save him, because why else would I be here?  So I headed over there prepared for battle.  When I did this dungeon in Test realm, I died a few times during the last battle.  Actually, I should say I lost, because the battle objective is to protect Stewart.  It's kind of hard to protect someone who has a death wish :P  However, this time around, all three battles went smoothly.
I found out that the Kurghas were upset because of the food.  I guess they think it's too good? Right...yeah...makes perfect sense. lol  Anyway I reported back to the Admirals in the War Room and they sent me off to get the food situation "sorted out."  Make sure you watch for next next post to find out how!  See you then!