Saturday, May 25, 2013

On My Way!


I started questing through the new content yesterday.  You may remember that I was on my way to see Catbeard about a piece of the map.  Well, when I got there, I found out he had been captured and sent to Marleybone.  So now my job is to break into Fort Basset in order to get the yellow windstone to Marleybone.

However, once I got to Port Regal, of course people wanted me to do things in return for their help.  First up was to get rid of the ghosts in St. Fido's Church.

Kan Po's attack is pretty.....but I bet the bloodbat doesn't agree.
These evil spirit things gave Froggo Villa a nice ZAP!
Another Kan Po-esque attack
Attack of the killer eyeball!
So after dealing with the St. Fido ghosties, I got the key to the sewers that lead into Fort Basset.  There were several battles in here, but I only took a couple pictures.  I managed with no problem and recovered the yellow windstone!
Sorry for all the Kan Po pics, but he's awesome!!  By far my favorite companion!
The Redcoats did not like Gorandao too much at all!
The windstone is mine! :D
After getting the windstone, it was off to Mooshu to get my paperwork in order.  However.....of course I had to help out more people before i could get what I wanted.  This time I had to defeat Sato and a bunch of his minions.  Again, easy-peasy! :)
Wow, that's a lot of traps! It's like being dropped into an alligator pit!
Uh......Not that I have ever been in an alligator pit.  Yeah, moving on.....
I think this is me using Mournsong on Sato.  Buh-bye! :)
So now that I completed that, I was able to get the paperwork I needed and it was off to Marleybone!  See you there! :)
Stormgate to Marleybone :)
My first look at Marleybone....well since it has gone live anyway.
First stop: The Isle of Dogs!
I will post more about my first quests in Marleybone next time.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow. See you then! And have a grand ol' time questin' me hearties! :)