Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Day, Three Pets


On Sunday I was helping a friend finish up The Valley of the Gold Monkey dungeon, and after the Gortez battle we both received an Orchid Chameleon pet!  I have been wanting this pet for awhile.  Actually, it reminded me that I have been wanting to farm for all of the dropped pets in Pirate101 for awhile.

So that night, I decided to do a little farming.  I had heard that a great place to farm for the Armadillo Verde pet was Tyson.  So I headed to the Tumbleweed Skyway in Cool Ranch.  If you're wondering where Tyson is located, he is in Cool Ranch, Tumbleweed Skyway, Traveling Medicine Show. Here is a map.

Anyway, I fought Tyson 6-7 times total. On the 2nd fight, I got the Golden Stingtail pet. And on the last try I got the Armadillo Verde pet.  Apparently Sunday was my lucky day in Pirate101!  So I definitely recommend farming this boss if you want either of these pets.  Here I am with all three of them!

Since I had received the Ebon Spectre pet awhile back while I was farming Friar Sand for gold,  I only have two left to get.  Next up is the Tropical Sky Snake, and then the Tawny Sky Turtle.  I will post about them when/if I end up getting them.  So far I have been farming Thunderhead for the Tropical Sky Snake. No luck yet though!  Anyway, thanks for reading and see you next time! :)