Monday, May 13, 2013

Proof of Kingsisle's Awesomeness


I made a blog post last week about my thoughts on Marleybone in the test realm.  In the post. I made a few suggestions of things that could be adjusted to make questing through this world more enjoyable.  You can click the link above to read the whole post, but here is a list of changes I suggested:

  1. Maybe have one dungeon before we get to Marleybone, with a couple smaller quests and boss fights. For example, in the dungeon in Mooshu where we have to collect tea (I think), maybe instead of a dungeon, we could fight some ships and then have one boss fight. I think that would break it up nicely.
  2. Maybe Spokes A, B, and C could be smaller boss fights, instead of a couple fights in each one. This would make it go quicker and be less aggravating to people who don't have much time.
  3. There is one dungeon in Isle of Fetch that keeps pulling you into one battle after another, without giving you time to heal. I don't know if this is a glitch, but if it isn't, maybe have this happen with 2 battles back to back and then a break to heal in between. Then continue with the other 2 battles.
  4. The Wreck of the Victory......Well, call me crazy, but I actually really like this dungeon, minus the glitch with the Admiral Nelson battle not ending.  To me, this is be exactly what the last dungeon of a world should be like.  It does take awhile, but I went in with 4 people and then again solo. It isn't too hard to solo, and soloing takes about half the time.  There is one change that I think should be made here though. I'm not sure if it is a glitch or not, but if you leave this dungeon (flee or die) the whole thing resets and you have to do it over again. Usually when you die in dungeons it saves your progress for 30 minutes. This one didn't do that.
The Isle of Fetch
After I made this post, I received some positive feedback from a few readers and I decided to send the link to Pirate101.  Two days later, they made an update to the test realm.  Here are a few notable changes they made (taken directly from the update notes at the link provided):

Specific adjustments were made to four dungeon encounters to help ease their difficulty and make them more enjoyable:

St. Fido's Church
An open public space with no fights was created.
Added a sigil and made the battles in the rafters a separate encounter.
Added a sigil and made the battles in the crypt a separate encounter.
Fort Basset 
Removed two of the combat encounters in this dungeon.

Isle of Fetch
Removed one fight with the Battle Angels
Broke up the successive battles a bit.

Trafalgar Vortex
Players will no longer have to restart the "The Battle of Trafalgar" instance if they are defeated

Inside St. Fido's Church
There are a ton of other changes that you can read about in the update notes, but these specific ones are what I would like to talk about.  In my blog post, I talked a lot about the length and quantity of the dungeons.  I stated that sometimes it is hard to progress because the dungeons take such a long time.  Well, as you can see Kingsisle was very responsive to this and made some really positive changes!

They didn't use my suggestion about substituting some dungeon time with smaller battles (I didn't really expect them to) but I think that their solution to break up St. Fido's Church into smaller instances is a great change!  And I am extremely happy that we no longer have to restart The Wreck of the Victory (Battle of Trafalgar) dungeon if we die!  

The Isle of Fetch instance was changed in a similar manner to my suggestion of breaking it up to give some time in between to heal.  It also looks like they shortened some other battles, and (stated in the update notes) made some of the enemies a little easier to fight. Way to go Kingsisle!

Inside Trafalgar Vortex (The Wreck of the Victory)
Now I am sure that they didn't make these changes just because of my post. I am guessing other people probably had similar suggestions, but my point is, THEY LISTENED!  In my opinion, that makes them a pretty awesome game team! And it proves that while they can't make everyone happy, they do their best to make things enjoyable and that they really do take our suggestions seriously.

So basically I would like to give Kingsisle a big thank you!  You guys are amazing, and keep up the great work!  Thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesom blog post! I definitely agree that Kingsisle is AWESOME! :)