Tuesday, May 28, 2013


G'Mornin' Mateys!

After taking care of Invader Fortress, the guard finally let  me into the War Room.  The Admirals told me that in order to get my commission, I had to go disable Beachhead, a very powerful, heavily armored sky station.  So I was off to do that, but first I had to stop and recruit a new crew member, Gracie Conrad.

My new companion!
Then it was off into the skyways to find Beachhead.  There it is! They want me to disable that!?!?! No problem!
A first look at Beachhead.
Once I docked, there were some armada guys to defeat.  One battle later, I was able to enter.  Gracie told us that we had to disable the 3 spokes (A, B and C) first.  Each one is a separate instance and each had 2-3 fights inside.  They were all pretty similar.  Here are some pictures.
Beating up the Battle Angels.  I want one of these as a companion!
A very scared Armada dude
Never mess with Froggo Villa....
.....Or El Toro!
We get to meet (but not fight) Bishop in Spoke B
After blowing up all three spokes, it was time to head to the main part to destroy the main battery.  This is where you finally get to face Bishop.....not once, but twice!  Here are some pictures from the first battle with him.
Bishop summons four of these robot things throughout the battle.
Luckily they can be destroyed pretty easily.
Hey! That wasn't very nice! Now you must suffer the Wrath of
Super Autumn!
Ha! What did I tell you?
This first battle actually ended fairly quickly :)
After the first Bishop fight, my crew and I headed to another area. We had to fight three more sets of Armada guys and pull the levers to....um....do something.  Jam the pistons maybe? Lol, I kinda forget :P But it is supposed to make the battery blow up :)  Anyway, this part actually kind of reminds me of the Counterweights in Wizard101.
Kan Po showing the Battle Angel who's boss!
I wonder if getting whacked over the head with a wrench hurts 
as much as it looks like it does
When I reached the bottom level, Bishop was there guarding the last lever.  This battle was very similar to the first one with him, but for some reason it took me a little longer.  However, my crew and I prevailed again!  The only loss throughout this whole thing was in this last battle......RIP Bonnie Anne :(
Destroying Bishop's little robot friend
Oh.....He's summoning another one. I guess I will just have to destroy
that one too! :)
Bishop is no match for Kan Po!
Especially with the help of El Toro!
Defeated again!  Take that Bird Beak :P
 Now it was time to pull the final lever and get the heck outta there!  No one wanted fried Autumn for dinner!  (Especially Autumn!)
Aww, Bonnie Anne! I wanted to hang around and roast some marshmallows!
 I headed back to the War Room and the Admirals were very impressed!  So you know what that means......I got my commission!  Woot!
Sweet victory!
Now that I am a part of the Royal Navy, I wonder what my next mission will be.  Check back soon to find out!  Thanks for reading and have fun questing!