Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Adventures of Autumn and Chloe Part 5: How to Save a Pelican


When I left off the last time, Chloe and I were on our way to the Skull Island sewers to save Norville who is.....A Pelican!  This was a hard battle at realized we hadn't upgraded our companions at all. Silly me!  So after we died, we upgraded them and then it was back into the sewers. This time went much better! Here are some pictures from our successful battle.

Talking to Blind Mew, who is sending us to the sewers,
Chloe getting attacked. I said it was rude of him.
Her response was "Mom, that's how the game is played!"
Super Autumn to the rescue!
Chloe got to take down the last guy! Yay!
Anyway, we followed Norville back to Captain Ahab, who told us that the Frogfather lives in the Gullet....which is exactly what is sounds like. Geez! First the sewers, and now this?  What a grand old time! :P

When we got to The Gullet we had to fight some guys to get the password.....which ended up being Ribbit.....How original lol.  Anyway, the fight went well. We defeated them with no problem. Then it was off to meet The Frogfather!
Meeting the Frogfather!
The Frogfather had some interesting information for me, but first I had to do a favor for him.  Go figure!  So what was the favor? Well....make sure you read next time to find out!  See you then! :)