Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Adventures of Autumn & Chloe Part 6: The Presidio


When I left off last time, Chloe and I had just reached the Frogfather. He had some information on Ratbeard, but first we had to help him out.  The Monquistans had some exotic spices in The Presidio, and now it was time for me to go get them.

Chloe and I met up with a friend, Golden Jack and the 3 of us made it through without much trouble.  Here are some pictures of our battles.
One of Jack's MANY critical/epic hits
Chloe making a nice hit :)
The wrath of Autumn!
That is one angry looking monkey
Poor Subodai :(
The final boss dying
After that, it was time to go back to the Frogfather, who told me he knew my parents.  Weird, I didn't know my parents liked frogs :P
He looks thoughtful. Maybe that's because he is up to some trickery!
Level 8!  Chloe leveled up to 8 too :)
My new companion.
Chloe got a Milo companion too.
Yes, we found out that frogs can be tricky. See, Frogfather couldn't tell us where Ratbeard is hiding because he promised.  However, he passed off his favor from a rabbit called One Eyed Jack.  So we are off to find him.  Hmm.....I think I may have heard that name before. It sounds kind of familiar :)

Oh, and I almost forgot, we get our new ships too!  More about that next time though. Thanks for reading! :)