Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Adventures of Autumn & Chloe Part 7: One Tricky Rabbit!


Things have been busy busy busy around here lately, and with Chloe no longer on spring break we didn't have much time for mother daughter questing.  Well, not until last night anyway.  We managed to log on for about half an hour and made a little progress through the story.

When we left off before, The Frogfather had sent us off to find One-Eyed Jack.  But before that, we had to make a stop to get our new ships!

Autumn Walker's new ship
Chloe Dove's new ship
Then it was time to head to Flotsam to track down this One-Eyed Jack dude.  When we got to The Black Spot we talked to Barkeep Flopsy who sent us off to find Mustang Sally.
Chloe saw him and said, "Aww, it's a bunny! I mean.....Arrr, it's a pirate bunny!"
lol, she has a soft spot for bunnies :P
When we tracked Sally down, of course it led to a fight......Which we managed with no trouble at all! :)
Chloe thinks someone should tell Mustang Sally that she shouldn't be
 fighting in a dress.
Me doing some serious damage....for a level 8 anyway :P
Chloe defeating a dog. We should be called "The Dream team" 
Sally told us to talk to Salty Ned, who let us in on a little secret.  Barkeep Flopsy is One-Eyed Jack!  What a sneaky, tricky little rabbit!
Um...yeah.....I knew that! :P
So it was back to The Black Spot to let One-Eyed Jack know that we're in on the secret.
Autumn Walker, One-Eyed Jack and Chloe Dove
Will he help us out? Well, he is going to try! The question is, will his information actually help us?  Make sure to read next time to find out!  See you!