Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Marleymite Mission


Yesterday I mentioned that I was on a mission to get the Kurghas some really bad food.....At their request.  I know, I know. Weird little tigers.  But the Royal Navy really needs their help, so the Kurghas need to be kept happy.  That's how I ended up in the cannery talking to a guy about Marleymite, a really healthy, really horrible tasting food.

So that brings me to part 2 of this mission: Collecting the ingredients.  First up was Sky Gar fins.  That meant heading to the skyways for a little bit of fishing.  These are not fish I would want to meet while swimming! Good thing I have my ship!

After I defeated about 25 Sky Gars (6 battles), I had all six fins.  Next on the list was prunes.  And of course the prunes had all been stolen.  That meant more fighting.  Luckily this time it was ship battles! I love ship battles, especially Marleybone ship battles! :)

After that, it was time to find some yeast extract.  Sounds......yummy?  Anyway, I went to the mercantile, Mrs. Peggotty.  And she told me that all of the yeast extract had been stolen by LaFitte and his crew.  I have no idea why a bunch of cats would want yeast extract, but oh well.   It isn't my job to understand.  It's my job to get it back!  So I headed to the warehouse and then down to the sewers.  I had to fight a few battles with cats, but I finally found out where LaFitte's Lair was.  And by the way......yes, Bonnie Anne was absolutely thrilled to be back in the sewers! :)

Once my crew and I found Black Jean LaFitte, things really started moving along.  Apparently his crew isn't as loyal to him as mine is to me, because once he was defeated, his crew backed off.  That means two things. One, this battle was very quick. And two, I got the yeast extract! Woohoo!

I brought everything back to the cannery and had the Marleymite made.  Food consisting of fish fins, prunes and yeast extract?  Uh......I don't know about you, but I think I'll pass!  So basically, it should be absolutely perfect for the Kurghas!  Let's find out what they think!
Oh, you.....don' it? lol
So right as Mr. Kurgha Captain (yes, I know that isn't his name) was telling me how happy he was to have horrible food, I found out that the Armada had started their invasion of the Isle of Fetch!  I guess that means we all know what my next mission is!  See you next time and thanks for reading!