Thursday, May 23, 2013

The New Content is Live!

Ahoy again!

Lots of posts today!  Yesterday Pirate101 announced that the new content would be added to the live realm! And guess what!  They were telling the truth! When I woke up this morning, everything was up and running and ready for me to log on. So that's exactly what I did (of course) :)

*Note* Before you continue reading, this is just a brief overview of the new features I checked out.  If you would like to see a complete list of updates and additions, check out Pirate101's Update Notes.

When the test realm was announced, Kingsisle had said there would be some surprises in the crowns shop when it was released live.  So of course that was one of the first things I checked out.  There are 2 new mounts, 2 new pets and lots of gear!  Here are some images:

The new mounts!
The new pets!  The chameleon can be purchased with gold! :)
Definitely be sure to check out the crown shop in game, because this is only a few of the new items being offered!  And speaking of shopping, the new bazaar was also added! I sold a few things, but a lot of the items in my backpack were actually "No Auction."  Oh well.  I did check out the ship parts section though, looking to upgrade my ship.
Chillin' with the merchant. With those big teeth and ears, I think he
may actually be a wolf in disguise!
Shopping for ship parts
And guess who I ran into while I was there!  That's right, none other than.........
Famous Edward (Lifegem)!!!!
Darn, I forgot to ask for his autograph!
After that, it was off to get my first quest.  I went up to Avery's office and......
He has something to tell me! I love secrets! :D

So I am off to talk to Catbeard!  This should be an interesting time :)  And when i was on my way to the docks, I spotted one of the new Transportalators!  Here is what they look like:
As you can see, for me this feature costs gold, since I am a member.  I believe it costs crowns if you aren't a member.  Still, it's a really cool, extremely useful feature!

I will continue with my quest to find Catbeard later.  And just so you know, I will be putting my Privateer posts on hiatus while I am questing through the new worlds on my Witchdoctor.  However. my "Autumn and Chloe" posts will still continue when we have time to quest together.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!  Have fun with the new content! :)