Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Rolling Stones


When you go to the tavern in Isle of the Dogs, you will see Prospector Zeke there waiting for you with a new quest. This time, he wants you to find some stones that were stolen by orphans.....The Rolling Stones to be exact. There are 10 of them hidden throughout Marleybone. Here are their locations.

The Isle of Dogs - Head over to where the Outfit, Hat and Boot shop is.  Turn to the left and run at the wall. You will see the stone in a nook.

Barkeley Square - Go past the life fountain and then run to the right.  Go between the buildings to the left of the housing vendor and you will see the stone.

The Isle of Dogs Sewers - When you enter the sewers, stay to the left and go around the corner and through the doorway into the hall.  Follow the hall to the circle room and go through the door on the left. Follow that hall until you can turn into a hall on the left.  When you go through that door, go to the right and down the ramp. Run along the wall and around 3 corners (right, right, left).  Go across the wood boards and the stone is behind the ramp.

Red Fox's Lair - Right when you enter, stay to the right. Go down the first tunnel on the right and the stone is at the end of it.

Invader Fortress Hold - Go down the ramp and to the right. There is an opening and the stone is behind the barrels and crates.

Main Battery - After you defeat Bishop the first time, go up the stairs and run all the way around to the left of the Main Battery. The stone is at the end of the path/hall next  to some crates.

Walkie's Hotel - After the first fight, go up the stairs and into the room where the second fight is.  Go to the left and the stone is between the 2 piles of rubble against the wall.

LaFitte's Lair - After you defeat the first boss, turn down the tunnel on the left. Keep going straight until you can't go any further. The stone is on the left between 2 piles of crates.
Sorry, no map is available in game.
Isle of Fetch - When you enter this area, stay to the right and run behind all the houses.  The stone is behind the last house next to a fence.

The Wreck of the Victory - When you get to the area where you fight Rooke, stay along the wall on the left and run straight across. Go up to the next level and turn around. Once you turn around, you will see the stone to the right of the stairs.


TugaPirate said...

Thanks for the guide, it will sure help later. Also, I'm Victor Hawkins from the Armadillo Verde farm remember? My blog is Pirate101 Mania ( if you want to add, I already added yours.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thanks! And I added you :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, still unable to find the one for beachhead?

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I adjusted the description. Look for it after the first Bishop fight. Go up the stairs and all the way around to the left. You should see it.

Chrissy The Blesser said...

You will know you are in the right place if you see orange colored maps on the wall on your right. Keep the map wall on your right until you run out of walkway and its right there between the wall and the blocked stairs.

Black Angel said...

LaFitte's Lair stone seems to be unavailable. i went to where you say the lair is but can;t go in. i am not sure if i went inside once already but shouldn;t i be able to go in again if i already went in once?