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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pirate Poetry Contest Entries


I wanted to share the entries for my contest with you since all of them were amazing!  I have listed them in the order I received them, with the person's name above their poem. Also, these have been copy-and-pasted directly from each email and are presented as I received them.  You can see the winning entry here.   I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! :)

Dead-eye Destiny Devereaux
Thoughts Preceding an Impossible Rescue
It is I, the hunted,
Setting foot on what docks

Laced with bronze screws and mildew

Have beckoned my name since I took to the skies.

What defeat is it

that I endure? Simply the thought of my sister-in-arms

Scratching the iron bars out of the madness engulfing her
Is enough to make me try.
Is this defeat at all?, I wonder,
kicking a gear aside and into the wind.
It is only a show that mustn't take intermission
for golden coins or bottles of Yum.
My defeat, at all
is the hilarity of getting away once more.

Brandon Kent
Across the silvery sea of stars we sail
through the coloured ribbons of ether 

our cunning enemies to assail

In skiffs and galleons with armoured hull
the decorated flags and sails puff out

from the island mountain bearing a skull

While fight and steal we sometimes must

for that is the life of a pirate you see

we learn our best in whom to trust

for every sailor, their crew and me

Lucas Dodger
the pirate's life is awesome
the pirate's life is swag

no life is better

even if P101 sometimes lags

you can fight against baddies

with sword, gun or magic

defeat all your enemies

if not it will be tragic

oh! your not alone in battle

you got your very own crew

with companions like kan po

and some you did not knew

but do not think this life is easy

the armada is chasing you

those creepy robot things

also want your companions too

venture off to new worlds

like Aquila and Marleybone

look for the map pieces

so the location is known

the map pieces lead

to el dorado, what you seek

a land of solid gold

i just want to take a peek......of it

the pirate's life is great

so raise your bottles of yum

clank your drinks together

the pirate's life is fum........i mean fun

Sarcastic Dylan Pew
Me name is Sarcastic Dylan Pew
Me gold is left in only a few.

I must try to find some treasure and look for loot
And not get distracted by my "fantastic" fishing for boots.

Me treasure is not far from 'ere
I'll yell Arr' and all other pirates will flee in fear.

In the end, I'll always find me gold
And then the great treasure mystery shall unfold!

Clever Kestrel Bowman
Long since have my days been innocent. 
For now I am something more,
then what I have been.
To fire a gun,
and swing a sword 
at your enemies,
seems simple.
But it has aged me to see them fall,
to stir no more. 
Long since have my days been simple.
Now I am 
in politics,
and bloody battles,
though both quite similar. 
I cannot find a way to back out.
Long since have my days been easy,
now it seems 
wants something
from me.
A trifle or something more.
Long since have I stopped caring. 
Though I wonder if I should.
But it seems these days, I must have a hard heart.
To weather and bend,
the life of a pirate.
Because, long since have I been anything but.

Careful Cheyenne Inglewood
leaving skull island
as I stand, back facing
my old home town, feet
at the edge of the dock

waiting to be picked up and

woven into fullness, the sun

throws beams, prickling 

at my back as I

travel along the Skyways.
The wind blows around me,
grappling like a dying person's
final touch.

Beyond borders,
ships circle like
homeless birds searching for

a place to go. Flying fishes 

and Battacudas fly

free as air, and trees could be

disguised Armada

reaching higher than the 
skull on the island
up to their earthly gods.

there are no regrets when

I cross the border, no enemy ships

and hazardous wildlife

when I look back at the 

town. this side, the air is 

peaceful like a sleeping child.

The home I left behind
lies quietly, like
a seaweed spirit, waiting.

Hoist the anchor,
Man the wheel,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Batten the hatches,
Tight the ropes,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Whether to riches and bravery,
Or wanton mischief and revelry,
Loose the cannons,
Tap the kegs,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Like a ghost on the wind
He comes from the sea,

And trembles the foe

Like a storm on the lee.

With swashbuckling swagger

And a Jolly Roger laugh,

He flies the black flag
On a whalebone staff.

He has a black-patched eye
And a ring in his ear,
And on his wind-burned face,
A crusty-grizzled beard.

Those are all the entries I received.  I think they are all  pretty awesome! Thanks again to everyone who entered, and thanks to all of you for reading!  See you soon! :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pirate Poetry Contest Winner

G'Mornin' Me Hearties!

The Pirate Poetry Contest ended yesterday and I had a chance to review all of the entries again.  I have to say, they were all amazing in their own way.  Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner.  And it was HARD!  Seriously, this was possibly the hardest contest I have ever had to judge.  So thank you to everyone who entered! Even if you didn't win, know that I thought your entry was great!

Here is the winner:  Cassandra Blake!

Here is her entry:  My pirate's name is Cassandra Blake, and I wrote a Pirate themed haiku for the contest. It also includes yum, so I guess you could say Pirate101 is also included!

Ship, the captain's home.
Sea, the pirate's true lover.
Land, where treasure's lie.
A map and spyglass,
The sailors, they be searching,
For hidden treasures.
Plenty gold and yum,
A pirate's heart longs for such!
For these, they loot foes.
Slashing and Thrashing,
Pirate's know how to fight and shoot.
For brawls earn them loot.
Pirates and their crews,
Only each other they trust.
As a whole, stronger.
Them Taverns be filled.
Sailors be drinking up yum,
Gold spills from pockets.
They all sing, "Yo ho
Ho! And a bottle of yum."
Clank! Yum glasses join.
Hoist the colors high,
Proud of their black, crossboned flags.
With them they strike fear.
Sailing the blue seas,
A pirate's life, their choice be.
Filled with mystery.
They be scandalous,
And they be thieves. Yet for all,
Adventure awaits!

Congrats Cassandra!  I will be emailing you your code shortly!  And thank you again to everyone who entered!  I will be making a post with all of the entries either later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, and be sure to watch for more contests soon!  See you in the spiral! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marco Pollo Contest Winner

G'Mornin' Pirates!

Yesterday afternoon was my Marco Pollo event.  It had a lot of fun exploring the world of Skull Island while people were trying to find me.

I was posting clues to my locations on Twitter throughout the event.  I'm not sure if I will do this in the future or not.  It seemed to make it easier for people to find me and the event didn't last as long.  Anyway, I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated!  And congratulations to Noble Nathan (aka @IonProductions) for being the first to find me!

He found me when I was hanging out in the clothing shop in the Gullet in Jonah Town.  If you are curious, here are the other locations I spent time during the event:

  • Waponi Wu (This is where I started)
  • Roaming around the ramps of Flotsam
  • The Black Spot in Flotsam
  • Ruined Lighthouse/Shady Hollow
  • Johnah Town, The Gullet, Frogfather's office
  • Johnah Town, The Gullet, Clothing Shop
Thanks again to everyone who participated!  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys did too!  See you in the spiral! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Turret Bosses

G'Mornin' Mateys!

Recently I had a chance to try out the new turret bosses in the skyways during an NXP event and then solo as well.  First let me recap what a turret boss is.  Here is Kingsisle's description of them taken directly from the update notes:
We've noticed our players enjoy grouping up to fight ships together, so we've added three new turret bosses to the game that are meant to be a multiplayer experience out in the Skyways. 

Turrets are towers in the skyway that attack up to 4 ships at a time and have a large amount of health. Be on the prowl for the turret bosses in Cool Ranch, Mooshu, and Marleybone—your Nautical XP Parties will definitely be more exciting!

First, I have to say that I think it's awesome that Kingsisle realized people enjoy NXP parties so much and created a way to encourage this.  The turret bosses offer a bigger challenge than anything else we have seen in the skyways so far.  However, they are also easy enough that I was also able to solo all three on my own, with the help of an Aquilan ship.  And they are supposed to drop awesome ship parts too.  However, I wasn't lucky enough to get anything except gold.

Now, this is just my opinion, but I would have to recommend farming these either solo or as a small group (2-4 people).  And here is the reason why: The respawn rates are really too long for an NXP party.  The Cool Ranch and Mooshu turrets both respawn after about 7-8 minutes.  However, the Marleybone one has a much higher respawn time - 12ish minutes.

So this is what an NXP event looks like with a group of 15-20+ ships battling these bosses. The turrets are defeated in about 30-45 seconds, maybe less.  One player chooses an new realm and everyone switches, so they can stay together.  No turret there either.  Wait 60 seconds and switch to another realm.  No turret there.  Repeat until you find a realm with the turret.

At the NXP event I had last week, we spent about 75% of the time looking for realms that had the turret in it.  This created a lot of down time, which in my opinion kinda takes the fun (and NXP) out of these types of events.

So my suggestion is to farm these, but keep the groups smaller. Then it will be easier to check realms without having to worry about getting separated.  For larger NXP events, stick with the higher level ships in Aquila.  There are bosses there with amazing drops, much higher NXP and lots of other ships to fight while waiting for the boss to respawn (about 2 minutes instead of 12).

My suggestion to Kingsisle is to maybe decrease the respawn time to something more similar to the ship bosses (2, 3, even 4 minutes) and possibly add more ships in the general area (Cool Ranch has this option).  That way there is less down time while battling, and people have more opportunity to get NXP while at these events.  The items that are dropped are rare, so I think the drop rate is probably fine.  But in my opinion, the turrets need to be more readily available for farming.

If you stuck through this, thanks for reading!  And remember to check out my Events page, as well as my Contests page to see what we have going on this week! See you in the spiral! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ninja Pig Companion Raffle Winner


I have chosen the winner of the Ninja Pig companion code using a random list generator.  But before I announce the winner, I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered!  If you didn't win, be sure to watch for more contests on this blog and the other fan sites.

Fourteen people entered this raffle and the lucky winner is........Jewelshadowcast!

Congratulations! :)  I will be contacting you shortly about your code.  And thanks again to everyone who entered!  Be sure to check out my Contests page for more contests!  See you around the spiral! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Turret Boss Event Reveiw

Ahoy all ye piratin' people!

Yeah, I don't know if that made sense, but I wanted to mix things up a little.  Anyway, yesterday was my event to fight the new turret bosses!  Thanks to everyone who came and joined in!  It ended up being a lot of fun!  On a side note though, I apologize for the rocky start.

I hadn't fought any of these turret bosses before yesterday, so we started out in Cool Ranch.  We quickly discovered that the drops, gold and NXP
weren't very well suited for about 90% of the party, so we moved to Marleybone.  I apologize for any confusion this caused, and I will be sure to do more research before any future experimental events!  There were several pirates that helped by porting people and scouting out realms in advance though, so thank you to all of them!  And thank you to everyone who stuck around throughout the confusion!  It was fun once everything got sorted out!

Anyway, once we got to Marleybone we managed to defeat the Assault Station about 10 times, give or take a few.  It was really quite easy with the amount of people that were there (about 10-15).  And I have to say, the graphics are awesome! Especially the fireworks! :)

The not-so-easy part was finding realms where the turret had respawned.  We all discovered that I, Autumn Walker, am the Spiral's worst realm-chooser-person there is! :)  It's a title I will wear proudly.  However, from now on at realm-hopping events, I will do what we did yesterday and let everyone take turns choosing realms. It seemed to work out well, as long as we didn't try to port to a full/crowded realm. lol

After awhile though, we ended up moving the party to Aquila to farm Captain Spartacos, or as Edward Lifegem calls him, Captain Taco! lol  I didn't get to take pictures in Aquila, but here are a few from Marleybone, to the left and below.

The turrets definitely add a new aspect to NXP events.  Kudos to the Pirate101 team for coming up with this idea!   I do have some suggestions I would like to share though, so watch for another post about that, hopefully tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have fun!  And again, thanks to everyone who came.  If you weren't able to come to this event, don't worry! There will be plenty more in the future!  See you next time :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Autumn Walker - Crokagator (Bounty) Hunter


The last time I posted about my questing, I had finished the Marleybone main quests and was getting ready to head to Aquila.  However, I decided that first I would finish up the extra side quests that had become available.  There were several that I found, but my favorite was for Crokagator Dundee!  Here are some pictures:

When I talked to Crokagator Dundee, he needed help getting his "knife" back from the Crokagators, so naturally I decided to help him.  This led to a line of quests where I had to track down the source of all the crokagators that were invading the sewers.

The cool thing is that I got a new crokagator companion from this.  His stats don't look too bad, but I haven't had a chance to use him yet, so I'm not sure how much I will like him.  Either way, it's always fun to expand my crew!

There was also a line of quests that kind of reminded me of in Cool Ranch, when you had to track down a bunch of bad guys and lock them up for the Sheriff.  Except this time, I was trying to prove myself worthy of being a bounty hunter for Mann the Bounty Hunter.

First I had to track down a couple of people who had stolen different thing (fruits and bandages, if I remember correctly) and then came the interesting part.  Mann the Bounty Hunter sent me to arrest this "crackpot" (Bonnie Anne's word, not mine).  This guy thought he was actually a clockwork :P LOL  So I finished those quests with no issue.

The final job he had for me was to defeat this guy who had stolen toys from the orphans! How horrible is that?  Anyway, I tracked him down inside a vortex.  When i first entered, i was attacked by and had to defeat 2 ships simultaneously.  This actually wasn't too hard to do, but it did catch me by surprise!  Once I boarded, I had to defeat the Kitty-cat smuggler.  Once again Super Autumn saved the day and got the toys back for the orphans.  And apparently I am now a bounty hunter as well! Woot! :)

Anyway, there were a few other quests as well, but I don't remember the details too much.  They did give decent NXP and gold though, so you might want to check them out.  I am already almost level 59 before I even start Aquila!  I am hoping this will make things a little easier there.  Oh, and I also received my Book 13 badge for completing these quests.  Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Penguin For Polaris!


Recently one of the official fan sites, Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem, had a contest to create a companion for Pirate101. I thought this sounded like a lot of fun, so I decided to enter. I would like to say congrats to all the winners of the contest! The entries are awesome and you should go read them at the link above!

I worked really hard on this companion, so I decided to share him here on the blog.  I got the idea because I have always wanted to see a penguin in either Wizard101 or Pirate101.  And since we know Polaris is a world, I think this companion (or something similar) would make a great addition!  My entry was based off of the assumption that Polaris will be the next world.  So without further delay, here he is!

Captain Ferdinand Magellanic

Back Story
Meet Captain Ferdinand Magellanic, a level 70 Penguin Explorer, originally from Polaris.  After fighting in the Polarian War, Captain Magellanic took off around the Spiral to try and track down information on the Armada.  He was determined to get revenge on them for taking his right flipper during the war.  At some point, he met up with Avery and made a deal to work with him.  He finally discovered some important information about a secret Armada laboratory back in his homeland of Polaris and was on the brink of destroying it, when he disappeared.

Captain Avery calls us in to try to find Captain Magellanic.  So we sail off to Polaris and pick up on his trail.  We soon discover that the Armada has a bigger foothold in Polaris than we had originally thought.  After defeating some of them and discovering some intelligence, we track Captain Magellanic to the secret laboratory where he is being held captive.  Once we rescue him, he tells us he would be honored to join our crew.  Also, Catbeard lets slip about our search for Marco Pollo's map and Captain Magellanic says he has heard rumors of a piece hidden in Polaris, but he never believed the rumors.  However, he will be willing to share what he has heard with us if we allow him to join up with our crew. Thus continues our journey for another piece of the map, with the help of a new crew member.

General Information
Captain Ferdinand Magellanic got his name from the 1500's Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.  There is also a species of penguins called Magellanic penguins....Hence, Captain Ferdinand Magellanic.

This companion is a privateer and will be recruited when our pirates are level 68ish.  He will be 2 levels higher than us, which would make him around level 70.  He will get a promotion when he is around level 87.

Although he is a privateer, Captain Magellanic's attacks are strength based.  He doesn't use any weapons to attack with, except for his flipper and hook.

Stats, Powers, & Epics
Captain Magellanic's starting stats are as follows:

  • Strength - 78
  • Agility - 42
  • Will - 61
  • Accuracy - 112 
  • Dodge - 112
  • Armor - 18
  • Resistance - 34
  • Damage - 216-351
  • Health - 2482

When we recruit him, he will also have 15 open talent slots, which we can use for the following talents of our choice.  All of them will be able to be trained up to tier 4.

  • Strength
  • Spirited
  • Tough
  • Lucky
  • Rough
  • Accuracy
  • Dodge
Epic Talents
This companion starts out with 2 epic talents:
  • Relentless - Bonus attack if you hit
  • Bladestorm - Bonus attack when you defeat an enemy
He also has 5 open epic talent slots for us to train him with.  Here is the list we can choose from and they can all be trained up to tier 3.
  • Bladestorm
  • Relentless
  • Hold the Line
  • Second Chance
  • Vengeance Strike
  • Riposte

Captain Magellanic has the following 3 powers when we recruit him.  He will get others from future promotions.

  • Reinforce - Superior healing. Affects entire team.
  • Juju - 25% to strength, agility or will.
  • Espirit de Corps - 25% to accuracy, 25% to dodge


As mentioned above, all of Captain Ferdinand Magellanic's attacks are strength based, and he uses his hook and flipper for them.  All of these hits are based off his starting stats and will vary, depending on the talents each player upgrades. Also, where the attacks are ranged, I have only given average amounts for the critical hits.  They may be slightly more or less, depending. :)

Normal Attack - For his normal attack, he hits an enemy one time with his hook and deals 216-351 damage.
Super Hit - This is a first tier critical attack.  He will hit/slap the enemy in the face 3 times really quick (each will to approx. 70 damage each) and then have one bigger slow motion hit with his hook (approx. 220 damage) .  So 70 + 70 + 70 + 220 = 430 total.
Mega Hit - This is a tier 2 critical attack.  For this attack he will spin really fast (like a tornado) at his enemy with his flipper and hook held out to the sides and do 4 equal damage hits for approx. 145 each (approx. 580 total).
Epic Hit - This is a tier 3 critical attack, which is the highest.  For this attack, Captain Magellanic will act like a penguin.  He will slide on his belly at the enemy and hit them with his head (first strike) and then kind of arc/fly up into the air and bring his hook down on top of the enemy's head (second strike).  Each strike will deal the same amount of damage, approx. 355 for a total of 710 damage.

So that is my idea for a new companion! I hope you enjoyed reading about it.  I know I had a great time creating him :)  This was one of the most fun contests I have entered in awhile.....although, I can honestly say I don't really enter much contests. lol  Anyway, thanks for reading and see you around the spiral! :)

The Wreck of the Victory


It's time for another questing update! When I left off before, my crew and I were going to track down Admiral Nelson who had gone to intercept the Armada in the skyways.  Well, when we got there, it was a mess!  Admiral Nelson and his crew had been pretty much blown out of  And they had been captured!  But never fear! Super Autumn Walker and crew were there to save the day!

This is the dungeon where we finally get to face off with Rooke.....twice!  But before we even got to that part, there were several other battles, one of involved saving Admiral Nelson's crew.  This battle was kind of cool, because first you have to free the crew by blowing up some debris.  Then they actually join in the fighting and help defeat the Armada guys for that battle.  I thought it added a nice twist to the dungeon.  All the rest of the battles were pretty straight-forward though.

Once we get through the ship and all these smaller battles, we finally get to face Rooke!  The objective in this battle is to defeat Rooke and to protect Admiral Nelson.  And not only is Admiral Nelson helping out, but so are several of his comrades.

This battle passed without any trouble.  Rooke does have some cool Epics (like Castle and Rookochet), and the battle board is HUGE!  But it went fairly quickly, and no one on my side was defeated, which is always nice! :)

After we saved Admiral Nelson, he told us we had to blow up the ships and then get out of there.  So we ran all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon and who do you think ambushed us? That's right.....Rooke again!  I am beginning to think these Armada people are kind of like cats, but with 2 lives instead of 9. First we had to defeat Bishop twice in Beachhead, and now Rooke needs to be defeated twice as well. lol

Anyway, this battle was a more straight forward, defeat all enemies type of battle.  And it went well.  Rooke was defeated again and my crew blew up everything.

After all that, I delivered Admiral Nelson back to the War Room and finally got my commission! That meant I could save Catbeard! So it was off to the courthouse.  And after lots of talking....I had a new crew member!  Here he is!

Now I am off to Aquila, ready to track down another piece of Marco Pollo's map.  I hope Aquila goes as smoothly as Marleybone did! I really loved questing in this world!  Anyway, see you next time and thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Note to the Community

Ahoy and thank you all so much!!!!!!

I had to start out that way, because without all of you, I wouldn't be making this post!  I am extremely excited and still pretty much in shock, but I wanted to share this news with everyone who helped make it happen....All of you!  So are you ready for it?

Secrets of the Spiral became an official Pirate101 fansite/blog yesterday!  So once again thank you to all my readers.  Also thank you to Tom Purdue (aka One-Eyed Jack), the Pirate101 Community Manager.  And thanks to the group of friends who kept encouraging me to submit the site! You guys know who you are :)

You may be wondering what will change around here.....Well not too much, beyond the always-evolvingness (new word I made up) that you already see from time to time. However, I do have some surprises in store for y'all.  I am mainly excited for the opportunity to share my insight with more people, and maybe help them with the information I have to share!

So once again, thank you everyone! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!  See you in the spiral! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pirate Poetry Contest

G'Morning Pirates!

Are ye runnin' a bit low on loot? Here's a chance to win 5,000 crowns!  All you have to do is compose a piratey poem.  It can be as long or short as you want, and it doesn't necessarily have to be about Pirate101, but it does need to be pirate themed.  At the end of the contest, I will read all the entries and choose the one I think is best. That person will win a code for 5,000 crowns!  Sound good?  Here are more details!
  • Compose a pirate themed poem.
  • Submit it to by Friday, June 28, 2013 at 12:00pm EST
  • Please put "Pirate Poetry Contest" in the subject line
  • Be sure to include your pirate's name, but no personal information
  • All entries must be your own original work!
  • Please keep the poem family friendly! The winning entry will be posted on the blog.
  • Only one entry per person please.
  • If you are under the age of 13, please get permission before entering!
Thanks to Michelle MoonCatcher for donating the prize code for this contest!  Good luck to all who enter! I cannot wait to read all of your entries :)

Another Marco Pollo Event and Contest


A lot of people seemed to have fun with my last Marco Pollo event/contest so I have decided to have another one!  If you would like a chance to win 5,000 crowns, come out for my mega game of "Marco Pollo" on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 3:00pm EST.  Be the first to spot me, yell out "Marco" and hear me say "Pollo" in return to win!

I'll be somewhere in the world of Skull Island.  It could be the skyways or on land.  Here's the catch though: I will not be standing in one spot. I am going to be roaming from place to place. So set sail and be on the look out for me.  See the full details and rules below.

When:  Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Time:  3:00pm EST until someone finds me
Where:  The whole world of Skull Island
Realm: One-Eyed Jack, area 1
Who: Autumn Walker - level 58 Witchdoctor

Contest & Event Rules:
  • Search the world of Skull Island (skyways and land areas)
  • Be the first to spot Autumn Walker and say "Marco"
  • Wait for the reply "Pollo" and I will add you to send the code.
  • If you have me added to your friends list, please note that I will not be appearing as being online during the contest/event.
  • Please be respectful to other players.
  • No bad language or bullying.
  • Have fun!
A huge thanks to Jose (@korgre2) for donating the code that I will be giving away!  I hope to see you at the event!  You can watch for updates on my Twitter page.  Good luck!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ninja Pig Companion Giveaway!

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Remember the maps Kingsisle sent out awhile ago? The ones that included a code for a free ninja pig companion?  Well, I have one code left and I have decided to give it away to one lucky follower!  All you have to do to enter is this:

  • Follow this blog by clicking the blue "Join this site" button to the right.
  • Leave a comment telling me who your favorite Pirate101 companion is and why.
  • Do these 2 things by Friday, June 21, 2013 at 12:00pm Eastern and you will be entered in a random drawing to win this awesome companion!
  • If you are younger than 13 years old, please have a parent/guardian's permission before entering!
*Note* You can only redeem one of these codes per account. So if you already have a ninja pig companion, this code will not work for that account.

Good luck to everyone who enters!  See you around the spiral! :)

Construction or Destruction?

G'Mornin' Mateys!

My witchdoctor is almost to the very last quest in Marleybone!  After I helped save the Isle of Fetch from the Armada, I was given a quest to go talk to a guy about the construction of some golems.  These golems would help the war efforts a lot!

First I had to track down a bunch of missing parts.  Of course this led to many battles on land and in the skyways!  Everything went pretty smoothly, and I am happy to say that I got 1st Rate Medium Armor for my ship! Before I only had the light armor, so this is a nice improvement!  I also got a new horn, which gives a pretty awesome spell that can be seen in the middle picture below.

Anyway, after I tracked everything down, I was sent off to discover what was up with the programming for these things.  And I discovered that they had actually been programmed to fight against me and my crew!  This meant I had to battle against a ton of them!  But this wasn't too hard, except for one thing.....When they are defeated, they explode!  This means that whoever is near them when they are defeated takes a hit.  Poor Gracie ended up being a casualty of one of these explosions.  :(   But over all, the battles all went well.  And you can even see my highest Pirate101 hit ever in one of the pictures below! :)

So after all this, I realized this was actually a sort of promotion type quest for Gracie.  She got a new epic talent that allows her to construct a golem minion.  She had this talent in test realm right when she was recruited and I am glad we get it back.  For some reason I really like this golem minion.  I also think it's pretty cool that Kingsisle worked the promotion quest in with the main story line of the game!  It mixed things up a bit!

Now all I have left to do is the last dungeon and then recruit Catbeard! Then it's off to Aquila!  I can't wait!  Hopefully I will get to make those posts this week! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Isle of Fetch!


I know it has been awhile since I have posted an update on my progress with questing through the new content.  Sorry about that. Life has been pretty busy!  Just know I have plenty of posts up here (taps head) ready to be made, so the frequency of my posts should be increasing again.

Last time, I had just found out that the Armada had infiltrated the Isle of Fetch.  Commander Kurgha (I don't remember his real name, lol) asked if I could go destroy the beacon, so that none of the other Armada reinforcements would arrive.  So off I went.

After my crew spent some time contemplating the mess (aka war) that we had started, we had a couple encounters with the Armada that went pretty smoothly.  Then it was time to go into the dungeon part, where we had to destroy the beacon.

I have to say that this dungeon was much easier than it was on test realm.  I think there is only 2 consecutive battles, where you don't get a break in between. Then it's the main battle to destroy the beacon.  So, pretty simple and quick! Here are some pictures :)
So my crew and I destroyed the beacon and are once again heroes! :)  You can actually see El Toro breaking one of the beacon breakers at the top. (Say that 10 times fast.)  Also, one of my highest AoE hits in Pirate101 so far, 800 damage to all enemies! Not too shabby :P

Up next is a small detour to track down some golems.   You'll have to wait to see how that goes though!  Until then, thanks for reading and have fun!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Turret Boss NXP Event

Hey everyone!

When Pirate101 released the new content, one of the updates was Turret Bosses in a few of the skyways.  These new bosses can attack up to 4 ships at a time! There are three of these in the game so far, in Cool Ranch, Mooshu, and Marleybone.  You can see what they look like in the picture that is to the left.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to get a group together to go farm them and see what we can get.  I'm not sure what they drop, or how much NXP they actually give, but I figure it will be a fun challenge. They are supposed to be pretty difficult!  But with a group, hopefully it won't be too much trouble.

I figure we can start at the easiest one, in Tumbleweed Skyway, Cool Ranch.  From there, depending on what everyone wants to do, we can move on to the others as well.  There is one in Khotan Skyway, Mooshu and the third is in Westminster Skyway in Marleybone.  You can see the details for the party below.

When:  Wednesday. June 19, 2013
Time: 3:00pm Eastern
Realm: One Eyed Jack, area 1
Where: Meet up in Avery's Court.
Who: Look for Autumn Walker, level 2 and add her!  She will port you to the correct location throughout the whole event.

Everyone is welcome to join in.  Please just make sure you have access to the following areas, either by membership or crowns to purchase them.  Chapter pricing can be seen here: Pirate101 Chapter Pricing.

  • Tumbleweed Skyway, Cool Ranch (2,499 crowns or membership)
  • Khotan Skyway, Mooshu (2,999 crowns or membership)
  • Westminster Skyway, Marleybone (2,999 crowns or membership)
*Edited*  We will be changing realms during the event.  If you come late, please go to Avery's Court, One Eyed Jack realm and add Autumn Walker. She will be there for the duration of the party and will port you to the current location of the party. Thanks! :)

I hope you can come join us! It should be a blast!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Side Questing Through Marleybone

G'Mornin' Mateys!

I know it's been awhile since I made an update post about questing through Marleybone.  The reason for that is because I took a small break from the main quests.  I decided to do some side quests I had picked up, as well as a couple of promotion quests for Ratbeard and Bonnie Anne.  I will be making separate posts later in the week about the promotions though.

I definitely had fun with these side quests.  One of them added a surprising "Twist" to the story.  I got to meet some interesting characters, and also got to talk to an old favorite of mine again!  One of the new characters is pictured to the left. Not saying who it is though. If you want to know, go do some Marleybone side quests! :)

One thing I have to say about these side quests is that they don't give very much experience.  However, they do give quite a bit of nautical experience.  I think I went up a whole nautical level just from the side quests.  There are also a few that give companion training points, and that always makes it worth it for me.

These pictures above are from a couple different quests that brought me out to the skyway.  For some reason, I love ship battles in Marleybone more than any other world so far.  Maybe it's because the ships here drop the items pretty quickly?  Or maybe it's just because I have been keeping up with my nautical level this time, so they seem easier?  Or maybe it's just because Marleybone is awesome!  Whatever the reason, I had fun with these quests. :)

Another thing I liked about the Marleybone side quests was that a couple sent me back to Skull Island, Cool Ranch and Mooshu.  I personally think it's always fun to go back and visit the other worlds during my questing.  It breaks it up a little.  And the new transportalor things make it much easier to accomplish this now!  No more seemingly endless time sailing through skyways! (Unless you want to.) Anyway, here are a few more pictures of my questing for your enjoyment!

That's all for now! Make sure to watch for the posts about Ratbeard and Bonnie Anne getting promoted.  Also watch for a couple announcements at the end of the week.  And remember, if you are looking for something to do, check out the side quests for some exciting new adventures! Thanks for reading! :)