Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pirate Poetry Contest Entries


I wanted to share the entries for my contest with you since all of them were amazing!  I have listed them in the order I received them, with the person's name above their poem. Also, these have been copy-and-pasted directly from each email and are presented as I received them.  You can see the winning entry here.   I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! :)

Dead-eye Destiny Devereaux
Thoughts Preceding an Impossible Rescue
It is I, the hunted,
Setting foot on what docks

Laced with bronze screws and mildew

Have beckoned my name since I took to the skies.

What defeat is it

that I endure? Simply the thought of my sister-in-arms

Scratching the iron bars out of the madness engulfing her
Is enough to make me try.
Is this defeat at all?, I wonder,
kicking a gear aside and into the wind.
It is only a show that mustn't take intermission
for golden coins or bottles of Yum.
My defeat, at all
is the hilarity of getting away once more.

Brandon Kent
Across the silvery sea of stars we sail
through the coloured ribbons of ether 

our cunning enemies to assail

In skiffs and galleons with armoured hull
the decorated flags and sails puff out

from the island mountain bearing a skull

While fight and steal we sometimes must

for that is the life of a pirate you see

we learn our best in whom to trust

for every sailor, their crew and me

Lucas Dodger
the pirate's life is awesome
the pirate's life is swag

no life is better

even if P101 sometimes lags

you can fight against baddies

with sword, gun or magic

defeat all your enemies

if not it will be tragic

oh! your not alone in battle

you got your very own crew

with companions like kan po

and some you did not knew

but do not think this life is easy

the armada is chasing you

those creepy robot things

also want your companions too

venture off to new worlds

like Aquila and Marleybone

look for the map pieces

so the location is known

the map pieces lead

to el dorado, what you seek

a land of solid gold

i just want to take a peek......of it

the pirate's life is great

so raise your bottles of yum

clank your drinks together

the pirate's life is fum........i mean fun

Sarcastic Dylan Pew
Me name is Sarcastic Dylan Pew
Me gold is left in only a few.

I must try to find some treasure and look for loot
And not get distracted by my "fantastic" fishing for boots.

Me treasure is not far from 'ere
I'll yell Arr' and all other pirates will flee in fear.

In the end, I'll always find me gold
And then the great treasure mystery shall unfold!

Clever Kestrel Bowman
Long since have my days been innocent. 
For now I am something more,
then what I have been.
To fire a gun,
and swing a sword 
at your enemies,
seems simple.
But it has aged me to see them fall,
to stir no more. 
Long since have my days been simple.
Now I am 
in politics,
and bloody battles,
though both quite similar. 
I cannot find a way to back out.
Long since have my days been easy,
now it seems 
wants something
from me.
A trifle or something more.
Long since have I stopped caring. 
Though I wonder if I should.
But it seems these days, I must have a hard heart.
To weather and bend,
the life of a pirate.
Because, long since have I been anything but.

Careful Cheyenne Inglewood
leaving skull island
as I stand, back facing
my old home town, feet
at the edge of the dock

waiting to be picked up and

woven into fullness, the sun

throws beams, prickling 

at my back as I

travel along the Skyways.
The wind blows around me,
grappling like a dying person's
final touch.

Beyond borders,
ships circle like
homeless birds searching for

a place to go. Flying fishes 

and Battacudas fly

free as air, and trees could be

disguised Armada

reaching higher than the 
skull on the island
up to their earthly gods.

there are no regrets when

I cross the border, no enemy ships

and hazardous wildlife

when I look back at the 

town. this side, the air is 

peaceful like a sleeping child.

The home I left behind
lies quietly, like
a seaweed spirit, waiting.

Hoist the anchor,
Man the wheel,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Batten the hatches,
Tight the ropes,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Whether to riches and bravery,
Or wanton mischief and revelry,
Loose the cannons,
Tap the kegs,
The dread pirate crew sets sail!

Like a ghost on the wind
He comes from the sea,

And trembles the foe

Like a storm on the lee.

With swashbuckling swagger

And a Jolly Roger laugh,

He flies the black flag
On a whalebone staff.

He has a black-patched eye
And a ring in his ear,
And on his wind-burned face,
A crusty-grizzled beard.

Those are all the entries I received.  I think they are all  pretty awesome! Thanks again to everyone who entered, and thanks to all of you for reading!  See you soon! :)