Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pirate Poetry Contest Winner

G'Mornin' Me Hearties!

The Pirate Poetry Contest ended yesterday and I had a chance to review all of the entries again.  I have to say, they were all amazing in their own way.  Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner.  And it was HARD!  Seriously, this was possibly the hardest contest I have ever had to judge.  So thank you to everyone who entered! Even if you didn't win, know that I thought your entry was great!

Here is the winner:  Cassandra Blake!

Here is her entry:  My pirate's name is Cassandra Blake, and I wrote a Pirate themed haiku for the contest. It also includes yum, so I guess you could say Pirate101 is also included!

Ship, the captain's home.
Sea, the pirate's true lover.
Land, where treasure's lie.
A map and spyglass,
The sailors, they be searching,
For hidden treasures.
Plenty gold and yum,
A pirate's heart longs for such!
For these, they loot foes.
Slashing and Thrashing,
Pirate's know how to fight and shoot.
For brawls earn them loot.
Pirates and their crews,
Only each other they trust.
As a whole, stronger.
Them Taverns be filled.
Sailors be drinking up yum,
Gold spills from pockets.
They all sing, "Yo ho
Ho! And a bottle of yum."
Clank! Yum glasses join.
Hoist the colors high,
Proud of their black, crossboned flags.
With them they strike fear.
Sailing the blue seas,
A pirate's life, their choice be.
Filled with mystery.
They be scandalous,
And they be thieves. Yet for all,
Adventure awaits!

Congrats Cassandra!  I will be emailing you your code shortly!  And thank you again to everyone who entered!  I will be making a post with all of the entries either later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, and be sure to watch for more contests soon!  See you in the spiral! :)


Cassandra Blake said...

Wow, really honored that I was chosen! I read the rest of the entries, all of them truly are fantastic! So really, thank you very much!