Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Isle of Fetch!


I know it has been awhile since I have posted an update on my progress with questing through the new content.  Sorry about that. Life has been pretty busy!  Just know I have plenty of posts up here (taps head) ready to be made, so the frequency of my posts should be increasing again.

Last time, I had just found out that the Armada had infiltrated the Isle of Fetch.  Commander Kurgha (I don't remember his real name, lol) asked if I could go destroy the beacon, so that none of the other Armada reinforcements would arrive.  So off I went.

After my crew spent some time contemplating the mess (aka war) that we had started, we had a couple encounters with the Armada that went pretty smoothly.  Then it was time to go into the dungeon part, where we had to destroy the beacon.

I have to say that this dungeon was much easier than it was on test realm.  I think there is only 2 consecutive battles, where you don't get a break in between. Then it's the main battle to destroy the beacon.  So, pretty simple and quick! Here are some pictures :)
So my crew and I destroyed the beacon and are once again heroes! :)  You can actually see El Toro breaking one of the beacon breakers at the top. (Say that 10 times fast.)  Also, one of my highest AoE hits in Pirate101 so far, 800 damage to all enemies! Not too shabby :P

Up next is a small detour to track down some golems.   You'll have to wait to see how that goes though!  Until then, thanks for reading and have fun!