Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caption This Photo Winners

G'Morning' Me Hearties!

My Caption This Photo Contest is over and the winners have been chosen.  I have to say, you guys had me cracking up with some of the things you came up with.  I think it was one of my favorite contests to host so far!  Here is the photo I asked the participants to caption:

 And here are the winning entries:

First Prize
Permanent Pennyfarthing Mount & 2,500 crowns
Fearless Dante West
"Cyclops and the Missing Contact Lens Incident: 'By Aquila's Feathers! I had no idea this was the ladies' restroom!'"

Second Prize
Black Rain Shades & 2,500 crowns
Dark Wolf Xiriga
Pirate girl: Hey what's behind that door?
Cyclops: Um it's nothing
Inside the cyclops mind: I can't let her see my puppy collection

Third Prize
7-Day Pennyfarthing Mount Rental and 1,000 crowns
Fearless Morgan
Omg! He has 4 fingers!

Honorable Mentions
"Eye Eye" captain... I shall guard this door with my life!
-Crazy Cassidy

Argos: I'm trying to...hold of the deadliest the Spiral
Pirate on Pennyfarthing: Yeah, we'll I'm trying to pop-a-wheely.
Argos: Zeus Help Us....
 -Dark Jack Kedge

" Please don't do it, I have only this one-eye!
 -Red Rachel Quincy

Your not coming in here riding that pennyfarthing like that.! You'll break everything!
-Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale

Pirate: Do you like my new hat?
Cyclops:  MY GOODNESS! It's hideous! Get it way from me!
-Silly Tiffany

This is what happens when you text and drive.
-Modest Morgan Morgan

No 2-eyed things allowed!
-Friendly Jack Maxwell

"All right, Are you gonna let me in or do I have to pull off a feather and start tickling those knobby knees?"
-Fair Christina Nightingale

"I don't care how good a rider you are. You're not going out without a helmet on."
-James Morgan

Thanks to everyone who entered!  I really enjoyed reading all the entries.  And congrats again to the winners! I have emailed your codes to you.  See you all in the spiral! :)


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Congrats to the winners. Very funny, I totally laughed out loud. I am honored to be in honorable mention but I agree with your choices. Truly giggle worthy.