Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guide to Ancient Tomes in Marleybone & Aquila


I am back with the locations to some new Ancient Tomes, or Training Tomes, that are hidden around Pirate101.  These new ones are in the two worlds that were just released, Marleybone and Aquila.  If you are looking for the Tomes that are in the other worlds, please see this guide: Guide to Ancient Tomes.  Good luck finding them!

Walkie's Hotel, Airdale Pier, The Isle of Fetch Docks, Westminster Skyway
Go up the stairs and into the room where the 2nd and 3rd fights are. There is another small room off to the right. The Tome is in there, on the table.

The Labyrinth, Knossos, Achaean Way
There are many different ways to reach the ancient tome in this location. However, I have outlined the most direct route in red for you.  And for those of you who may do better with descriptions than maps, here is how to get to the tome. When you enter, go left (the only way you can go). Take your first right and you will come to an area where you have to fight Skeleton Hoplites. After you fight, run straight through the room. In the next area go left, right, right, left, right, and finally left again to get to another room. Take the path across and down to the right, not the one directly across from you. Go right, then immediately left.  Take the first left again and go around the corner. The tome is on the floor at the end.

These are the only 2 tomes I have been able to find in the new content.  However, if i come across more, I will update.  I am also going to add these to my Guide to Ancient Tomes.  Good luck and see you in the spiral! :)