Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday.......Or Merry Edmas?

Hey there all ye Wizards and Pirates!

As many of you may know, yesterday was Edward Lifegem's (Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem) birthday.  Ian Stormstaff (Wizards Unite) and I decided that it would be fun to throw a party for him.  And what better way to have a July birthday party for someone who loves Christmas than to have a Christmas in July party?

We hosted the party at my two houses, The North Pole for games and the Christmas theme, and my Celestial Observatory for PvP.  I also had Wizard101 and Edward Lifegem themed trivia and gave away about 25-30 Yuletide packs.  Other than that, I had a lot of fun just hanging out with friends and talking.  I hope everyone who came had fun too!  Here are some pictures.

Edward, Ian and I in the Gobbler's house at The North Pole
Game time! :)
(Photo courtesy of Ian Stormstaff)
Hanging out in the ice tunnel at The North Pole
(Photo courtesy of Ian Stormstaff)
Trivia, PvP, and chillin' at the Observatory
More PvP!
(Photo courtesy of Ian Stormstaff)
The Famous Ninja Bunny Lord and The Famous Edward Santagem!
(Photo courtesy of Ian Stormstaff)
Dance Line!  This was at the end of the party after people had already left.
If you didn't get to be in this picture, make sure to come next year! :)
(Photo courtesy of Edward Lifegem)
I had a ton of fun at this party! But as you can maybe tell, I was busy and didn't get many pictures (only 2).  So thank you to Ed and Ian for letting me use a few of theirs!  Anyway, I hope I will be able to do this every year.  If you couldn't make it to this one, there is always the next one!

Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to all of you for reading.  See you in the spiral! :)