Monday, July 8, 2013



I mentioned awhile back that I had promoted both Ratbeard and Bonnie Anne.  I have been trying to decide how to go about making posts about their promotion quests, but I keep running into the same problem.....These quest stories are so awesome that I don't want to give too much away!  And I have waited so long to make this post, I have actually completed Bat Masterson's promotion quest as well!  And his quest was just as great as the other 2. So here is an overview of each quest, with a few pictures. I hope I don't give away too many spoilers!

This was the first promotion I completed with the new content, when he reached level 55.  When we go talk to Ratbeard in the tavern, he tells us that Lasko wants him to atone for all his sins by helping a certain someone named.....SCROOGE!  I have to say that I absolutely love this story line! Actually it may be my favorite one in the game so far!  I won't give too many details, but I will say that while part of the quest is in Marleybone, you also have to go to Mooshu and Skull Island.  Here are a few pictures.

Bonnie Anne
Bonnie Anne promotes when she reaches level 57.  Her quest actually gives some information about her background and her family.  As a matter of fact, her brother, Guy Fox, plays a prominent role in this quest.  I liked that this quest is all in Marleybone. Less running around is a good thing sometimes.  However, I was slightly disappointed in the ending of this quest, even though I understand why they made it the way it is. But again, not giving away too many spoilers, so I can't say too much.

Bat Masterson
Bat Masterson (and the other Magnificent Seven companions) promotes at level 60.  This quest was fun, but kind of long, although that wasn't a bad thing! :)  I loved the idea of competing in the Contest of Champions, and I did like that there was a twist near the end, right when I thought I was done.  Again, I don't want to say too much here, but this really was another great quest!

So that's a small overview of each of the promotions that were released with the Marleybone and Aquila content.  I may go into more depth for each one when I continue leveling on my Privateer, but for now, I didn't want to spoil too much.  I do have to say that Kingsisle definitely put a lot of thought into these quests and made them very enjoyable!

I hoped you enjoyed reading! See you in the spiral! :)