Sunday, July 21, 2013

Witchdoctor Dorm Room


The other day I did some gold farming so I could buy some of the new items that were released in the last update.  I got enough gold to buy the Witchdoctor house, as well as some of the Witchdoctor furniture sets.  Actually, I bought 2 of each furniture set because I knew I wanted some duplicate items. Here is what each pack comes with:

Bedroom Set - themed floor, themed wallpaper, lamp, square rug, bookcase, bedside table, & themed bed
Dining Room Set - wood chair, oval rug, round table, fruit bowl, branded floor, stove, & buffet table.
Living Room Set - coffee table, cushioned chair, beanbag chair, branded wallpaper, end table, couch, & aquarium

Each class has the same items in their packs, just in their class theme and colors.  And you can also get separate fountains, chairs and beds for each class as well.

Since I'm not too good at decorating houses (it takes me forever to decide where to put everything), I decided to make my dorm into a Witchdoctor themed dorm.  I used everything from the packs (some items I used duplicates of), except the coffee table, which is huge! Seriously, it takes up like 1/4 of my dorm.  Anyway, here are some pictures.

An overview of the whole dorm
Hanging out area-type place
Living room
Kitchen area
I hoped you liked seeing my dorm, and a preview of what the furniture looks like! :)  See you in the spiral! :)


ThatFrostweaver said...

It looks very nice.

P.S. The dorms in Pirate101 are bigger then the Wizard101 dorms so you really don't need a house in Pirate101 unless you someone like Paige who loves housing.