Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arrrgust Contest #2 Winners


All the entries for my Arrrgust Dorm decorating contest have been received and looked at, and I have chosen the four winners.  All the entries were great!  I loved seeing everyone's creativity!  However, I only have four prizes left to give out, so I had to choose.  I based the entries off of creativity, overall decorating, the description and how well people followed the contest rules. Here are the winners:

Grand Prize
1 Random Class House + Pack O Porters + 10,000 Crowns
Dead Eye Justin
I love to hang out in my birthplace of Marleybone. But since it's captivated in war I made my last trip to Marleybone to get some mementos and bring them to my own home! From Marleybone I brought with me, couches, flags, a piano, maps, and fancy wallpaper! When I sit down at my desk I imagine I'm back in the Admiralty Foyer........ahhhh...........the memories. I also share my dorm with my best bud. Handsome Dan, or as I like to call him, Peanut Butter. One day we'll move back to our homeland. 

First Prize
Pack O Porters + 7,500 Crowns
Autumn Starwalker
Where my pirate calls home  she has a collection of her favorite items collected  from all through the spiral. This is her pirate's sweet getaway she spends her days and nights along with her favorite first mate over for a cup of tea and they share tales about their great adventures.

Second Prize
Pack O Porters + 5,000 Crowns
Captain Richard Sharp

This is where my pirates like to relax after a hard days piratin'; at their very own tavern. Here they share their adventure stories over a tankard of yum. Of course the furniture doesn't match because it just things they've looted or cobbled together from driftwood. Regardless it's the place the think of as home.

Third Prize
2,500 Crowns

I think pirates will like to spend their time and relax. My room makes you feel like you're outside. There's lots of cool looking stuff to sit and relax from all the hard work of pirating around the spiral. You will feel so welcome in my dorm room you will be jumping for joy! 

Congrats to the winners! You will be receiving your codes shortly via the email you submitted your entries through.  And thanks to everyone who entered! Be sure to watch for more contests to be announced soon!  See you in the spiral! :)