Friday, August 9, 2013

Arrrgust Contest #3


I still have more codes to give away for Arrrgust.  Everyone seemed to have fun with my Treasure Hunt last month, so I figured I would do something similar, with a twist.  This treasure hunt is more like a teleporter maze.  Click the teleporter below to enter the maze.  Each teleporter will lead to a different path through the blog with a code at the end! Each day for 4 days I will be posting one code.  Then on day 5, i will post 3 codes.  Here's how it will work:

  • Click the teleporter below to enter the maze.
  • Look for more teleporters on the page it leads you to and choose one.
  • Continue to follow the teleporters until the code has been found.
  • If you reach a "dead-end" that teleporter will bring you back here, to the beginning so you can try again.
  • The first person to find and redeem the code wins!
  • All paths will lead back to the beginning until I have posted the code(s) at the times stated.
I hope this will be fun for everyone! Here is a listing of the maze times and prizes:
  • Monday, August 12 @ 11:00am EDT (2500 crowns) - Found by Harvey
  • Tuesday, August 13 @ 1:00pm EDT (2500 crowns) - Found by Duncan Stormthief
  • Wednesday, August 14 @ 3:00pm EDT (2500 crowns) - Found by Chris Drakeflame
  • Thursday, August 15 @ 11am EDT (2500 crowns) - Found by Quick Lucas Newell
  • Friday, August 16 @ 1:00pm EDT (2500 crowns - Found by Sheldon Cooper / 2500 crowns - Redeemed / Pack o' Porters & 5000 crowns - Redeemed)
Good luck to everyone who enters! Here is the first teleporter to enter the maze!


Anonymous said...

did you put the code yet?

Anonymous said...

when will you post the code?

Autumn DreamWalker said...

The codes are posted at the exact times listed on the post above. I announce when i post it via my twitter feed, which you can access from the link at the top of the page. I believe today's code was already found by the time you posted this comment. Be sure to try again tomorrow :) All 3 codes will be posted at 1:00pm eastern :)

Unknown said...

thanks you for the codes. I won the 5000 crowns :D very much appreciative of what you did. Enjoyed reading your pages too.