Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy fellow pirates!

Yesterday Pirate101 released the August 2013 Pirate101 newsletter!  There is a lot of great stuff in it, including a new Rogue's Gallery featuring the one and only Bonnie Anne!

Also mentioned in the newsletter is Ryan's Yum-n-ade, tips from One Eyed Jack about farming for ship parts in the bazaar, highlights from the official fansites, and more! So be sure to click the link above to read the full newsletter.

Also, as soon as I am back from vacation, I will be announcing some Arrrgust contests with amazing prizes courtesy of Kingsisle and Tom aka One Eyed Jack, so be sure to look for those announcements in about a week or so.  Until then, happy questing! Thanks for reading :)