Monday, August 19, 2013

Autumns, Autumns Everywhere!


It's been awhile since I made a post about what I have been up to in Pirate101, so I figured I would update you all.  To be honest, I actually haven't had a ton of extra time for gaming, which will hopefully change soon!  Here is where all my characters currently are:

  • Right now my witchdoctor is pretty much finished the game, except for a few Aquila side quests.
  • My Privateer is still level 27 and in Cool Ranch. I did quest enough on her to make one post, which will be up soon.
  • My swashbuckler (the one I am leveling with my daughter) is currently on hold until we get her set up with a different computer.  That is in the works, so you will be seeing more Autumn and Chloe posts again in the near future.
So what have I been up to in game you ask?  Well besides the contests and events I have been hosting, I have also made 2 new characters!  And guess what their names are.....That's right! Autumn Walker and Autumn Walker!  First I will introduce you to my Musketeer.

I actually created my musketeer when Pirate101 went live.  I got her to level 5 before I decided to focus on my witchdoctor.  So when Edward Lifegem made a musketeer and mentioned maybe leveling a character with me, I had her ready made!  We have quested up to level 8 and just got our Presidio companions and new ships.  Next up is meeting One Eyed Jack!  Since Ed and I have to coordinate our schedules, I'm not sure when I will be leveling on here again, but I hope it's soon.  The musketeer class is fun!

The last Autumn Walker is a buccaneer.  Even though I haven't had too much time for questing, she is already level 13 and nautical level 12.  I am about to do the dungeon to get the monkey's paw, so almost done with Monquista! So far I haven't found this class too difficult, but I have died a couple times, so we'll see.

I probably wont be blogging about my questing on these 2 characters much, but I did want to introduce you to them.  I may make an occasional post if something cool happens, and they may pop up in other posts about game updates and events and such.  

Anyway, thanks for reading! See ye in the spiral! :)