Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Dorm Contest Entry

Hey there Wizards!

I haven't made a Wizard101 post for awhile, so I figured this would be something for all you Wizard101 fanatics to read.  Recently, Paige Moonshade had the Fourth Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City contest.  You can click the link to see the requirements for entering.  And if you are interested in seeing the winning entries, you can click here:  Winning Dorms.  There are some amazing entries there! :)

I thought I would post my entry here for those of you that may want to see it.  I know that people were asking to see it while I was designing it (especially on twitter).  And I know I love seeing pictures of other people's creations! So without further ado here are the pictures, followed by my 2 paragraphs. Enjoy! :)

Belle used to come to this graveyard in the woods to practice her witchcraft.  She was caught and left in the pillory to die. Her ghost remained in the graveyard,  protecting it from intruders.  Over the years, the graveyard was forgotten. Now her only company is one of her descendants, Haley,  who is also a witch and comes to the graveyard often.  Belle keeps Haley company when she visits, offering ancient advice about making witch's brews.

This is a forest, so of course there are mushrooms growing everywhere, some of which are diseased mushrooms and have yellow spots on them.  There is also a path leading to the graveyard made from the stepping stones.  The witch, Haley, is made from a mannequin that I crafted.  Forests can be quite dark at times, so Haley put a hanging lantern on the tree. She is brewing something at the moment and one of the ingredients she will use in her brew is an eyeball, which can be seen in the eyeball jar.

So that was my entry.  I hope you enjoyed it! I want to send a huge congratulations to all the winners!  The entries were amazing.  I know I definitely would have had a hard time judging them all!  And thanks to Paige and Kingsisle for the opportunity to enter this contest! I have a lot of fun! I cannot wait until next year!

As always, thanks for reading and see you in the spiral! :)