Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sink101 Review


The other day I had an NXP event to celebrate the blog reaching 101,000 views.  We were trying to sink 101 ships in the Achaean SKyway.  And guess what! We did it......times 2! Does that make it a Sink202 event? lol

I had a great time and we got some awesome ship equipment from Captain Spartacos, including the Kraken horn and the crowns equivalent rudder.  I still need the armor and figurehead from him though.  Maybe next time!

I would like to thank everyone who came! And  a special thanks to Ian Sharp (Stormstaff) for finding a really cool tally mark app that helped keep count.  I had to leave after 202 ships, but I think that they kept going for a little after I left.   If you couldn't make it to this event, don't worry! I love having these and will have plenty more in the future!   Thanks for reading! :)


SorceressMiklai said...

Just ONE of the reason I love YOUR site: Lots of NXP parties! WOOT! Got my Swashbuckler, Crafty Aurora Elfirth from 60 to 65 so thank you very much!