Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Family Affair

Ahoy Mateys!

My daughter is finally able to start questing again, which means the Autumn and Chloe posts will be starting up again! :)  But before I post about that I would like to introduce you to 2 new characters.  That's right....I said 2!  Only one of them is mine though.  The other belongs to my son. So now both of my kids are pirates! Yay! :D

This is Bloody Aedan Walker and Bloody Autumn Walker.  He chose the names, because he wanted us to match. lol  Anyway, they are both swashbucklers and we managed to quest through the jade amulet story line yesterday and got to level 4!  I won't be posting about all my adventures with Aedan, since I have a feeling we may be questing more quickly than I do with Chloe.  But I will be posting sometimes, and I have created a new label for those posts called "The A Team."

Anyway, after I finished questing with Aedan, Chloe wanted to quest too.  We had left off at the Ruined Lighthouse, trying to find an old grave.  We wondered around, looking at various tombstones, until we finally had to defeat Old Scratch and his crew.  It went well though and we got our Old Scratch companions after!

After that, it was off to Bounty Island, where we had to decipher Captain Gunn's notes to get to his treasure.....but it was gone!  After a battle with some crabs, we found out that Ratbeard and the watermoles stole the treasure and headed to the volcano!

Next time you see an Autumn and Chloe post, we should be tackling the Volcano!  I love that fight and I can't wait to post about it.  And we'll get another companion too! Thanks for reading and see you next time! Have fun in the spiral! :)