Sunday, September 1, 2013

Announcing The 12 Days of Autumn!


I know I have mentioned quite a few times that I am planning a huge surprise for the end of September.  Well guess what! I am finally going to announce it! Ready?

Starting on September 22nd (the first day of autumn) and ending on October 3rd Secrets of the Spiral will be having not one, not two, but TWELVE straight days of Pirate101 events. contests and most of all....FUN & AUTSOMENESS!

You may be wondering why I am announcing this 3 weeks early.  Well in the next couple days I want to post a schedule of the events I will be having so people can plan and hopefully be able to make it.  I will be posting only the events and not the contests though. Those will be posted later on.  So be sure to watch for the events schedule and other updates.

I hope you all will be able to participate and help Secrets of the Spiral kick in autumn with a bang!  See you all soon! :)