Monday, September 30, 2013

Skull Island Scavenger Hunt Review


Yesterday was the 12 days of Autumn Skull Island Scavenger Hunt.  It got off to a slightly rough start with a 10 minute delay, but I hope the people who stuck around had fun anyway!  Here is a list of the winners:

First Place
Noble Nathan
He chose the Transport Golem mount and also received 3 packs. Below is a picture that he sent me of him on his new mount.

Second Place
Bloody Wesley Xavier
He chose the Mini-Minotaur pet and also received 3 packs

Third Place
Charming Mark Silver
Mark won 3 packs

Congrats to all the winners and special thanks to Faithful Christina, Fearless Duncan Davenport (Stubborn Duncan Freeman), Katherine De Bouff, Merciful Molly Moone (Wicked Dorothy West), Romantic Edward (Edward Cringle), and Trustworthy Rylee Kent for helping out! You guys are awesome! :)

For those of you who are curious what the clues were, as well as the locations each led to, here they are:
*Note* Some of the photos were submitted by the volunteers. The rest were taken by me :)

Clue #1 - Every quest starts at the beginning.  Find Autumn and tell her you are ready to begin your quest.
Answer: Avery's office

Clue #2 - Find Katherine De Bouff and tell her you are looking for the Jade Amulet.
Answer:  Outside Fin Dorsal's cave/hideout place

Clue #3 - Find Fearless Duncan Davenport and ask if he has seen Barkeep Flopsy.
Answer: In the Black Spot on Flotsam

Clue #4 - Find Trustworthy Rylee Kent and tell her the secret word is Ribbit,
Answer:  In the Gullet (Jonah Town) inside the Frogfather's office

Clue #5 - Find Fair Christina and tell her you know how to get past the swarm of bees.
Answer:  In the Dark Jungle, by the swarm of bees blocking the entrance to The Gold Mine

Clue #6 - Merciful Molly Moone has the next clue. Ask for it but be careful of the cannon!
Answer:  Outside the Fort Elena sigil, next to the cannon

Clue #7 - Romantic Edward is at The Pequod. Find him and ask for the last clue.
Answer:  Next to the Wreck of the Pequod, on Scrimshaw

Clue #8 - This is the last clue. Find Autumn Walker and tell her Witchdoctors rule!
Answer:  In the Witchdoctors Sanctum near Madame Vadima. You also had to switch to the Vadima realm to find me.


Chrissy The Blesser said...

That was a lot of fun. thank you for all the hard work you poured into this.
I so much enjoyed that one player, shoot I have forgotten his name, that was in full role play character and when he got to me he said: "Come with me if you want to live!" Then he bounded past the bees and turned around with: "Cough, cough, I know a way past them."
It was a delightful performance and I loved it. :D If you ever had a prize for realism and acting I would give it to him.
Thanks again for all the fun.

Chrissy The Blesser said...

P.S. Congratulations to Noble Nathan, he was the first to my station and I suspect he led the pack the whole way. Well done. :D
Congrats also to Bloody Wesley Xavier & Charming Mark Silver. You are all worthy of a Sherlock Bones award.