Sunday, September 8, 2013

Volunteers Wanted


As some of you may have  heard, I have released the schedule of events for the 12 Days of Autumn Celebration.  If you would like to see it, you can view it here.  Anyway, I am looking for some volunteers to help with the Skull Island Scavenger Hunt.  I am hoping this event will be a lot of fun and unique, but I need some help to make it that way.  If you are interested, please read the requirements/guidelines below very carefully and then you can complete the form.  I will be contacting the volunteers a few days before the event with all the details.


  • Available Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 5:30pm eastern until 7:00pm eastern.  The ending time may vary, but I'm not expecting the event to last more than an hour. It may be much less than that.
  • Able to be online uninterrupted, as you will need to give out your clue whenever someone finds you. This means you will have to be paying attention at all times.
  • Have room on your account to make a new pirate and level it to level 2.  Please do not add anyone to your friends list before the event.
  • Have access to the whole world of Skull Island, either through membership or crowns.
  • Have either text chat or open chat, since you will be giving out clues to people.
  • Be able to interact with other people in a nice/polite/family friendly manner.
So those are the requirements. If you are still interested, fill out the form below and submit it to me.  Since people who volunteer will not be able to compete in this event, there will be some sort of compensation, but I haven't decided what yet.  However, please only volunteer if you would truly like to help out, not because I may gift you. :)