Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn & Chloe Part 9: Watermoles and Volcanoes

G'Mornin' Me Hearties!

Last time Chloe and I quested we were getting ready to head to Volcano to try and find Ratbeard and the treasure.  When we got there we had to clear the way of watermoles.

And a couple fights later, we were ready to go into the volcano. Right?  We had to fight fish, more watermoles, and finally Chumba Wumba!

So we defeated Chumba Wumba and INTO the volcano.  Well, no one ever said he was the brightest star in the sky.  Anyway, Chloe and I both recruited Ratbeard to join our crews. And then we went to bring the chalice to Avery.  He had another mission for us, but you will have to wait till next time to hear about that.  Have fun, stay safe and see ya soon! :)


Unknown said...

Do you think you could post more of these soon? I really wanna see some more. o: