Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktacular Pirate101 Birthday Winners


I am here to announce the winners of the contest I announced last week.  The response I had was overwhelming, and i would like to say thanks to everyone who participated! :)

There were 31 differences between the 2 pictures I posted, one for each day of October :)  You can see the complete list of answers at the end of this post.  The winners were broken into categories by how many they found and then I used a list randomizer to choose the winners.  Here they are:

The following 8 people found 31 differences, and the prizes are awarded as follows:

Grand Prize - Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, & 10,000 Crowns

Second Prize - Captain Blood's Hook & 5,000 Crowns
Quick Lucas Newell
Crazy Daniel Dove
Stubborn Duncan Freeman

Third Prize - 2,500 Crowns
Lucas Dodger
Reckless Scarlet moone

The following 8 people found 30 differences and are awarded as follows:

Third Prize - 2,500 Crowns
Bloody Wesley Xavier
Salty Padric Otway
Megan Moone

Runners Up - One Companion Training Tome
Fearless Heather
Merciless Scarlet Ivey
Merciful Diana Jackson
Dashing Darby Dodger
Husky Blaze Cringle
Stephen Hawkins (29 correct)
Bloody Belle Morgan (29 correct)

Congrats to the winners! You should be receiving your codes via email shortly.  Thanks again to everyone who entered! :)  And if you are curious about the answers, here they are:
Original Photo
Changed Photo / Answers

  1. Shoe is all black
  2. Hand is missing
  3. Rock is missing
  4. Exclamation point is missing
  5. Spooktacular is changed to spectacular
  6. Ebon spectre is missing
  7. Feather is missing
  8. Feather is added
  9. Window in a different color
  10. window is missing
  11. Bat Masterson's wings are positioned differently
  12. Plant is added
  13. Treasure chest is added
  14. Bones McGee's foot is missing
  15. Hand is gone from cauldron
  16. Skull is moved
  17. Old Scratch's hat is gone
  18. Witchdoctor doll is missing
  19. Waterfall is gone
  20. Dead Mike's sword is gone
  21. Rock is missing from path
  22. Green glow is missing from eye
  23. Trees are missing
  24. Red mushroom is missing
  25. Purple skull is missing
  26. Fence post is missing
  27. Spectre's eyes are gone
  28. Rock is added
  29. Spectre is smaller
  30. Purple mushroom is missing
  31. Mushroom is facing the opposite way