Monday, November 18, 2013

Empire Bundle!


Have you heard the super exciting news about Pirate101 yet?  Nope, not a new world, but it's still cool!  They have released a new bundle called the Empire Bundle.  It can be purchased at Gamestop for $39, and comes with the following items:
Lady Centaur Companion
Imperial Galleon
Emperor's Villa
Additional House Elixer
Gladiator Outfit
Imperator's Standard
One month membership OR 5,000 Crowns

As you may be able to tell from the items, the bundle is Aquila themed.  I haven't had a chance to thoroughly try out all the items in the bundle, but I have explored them a little, and I have to say they all seem awesome!  My favorite thing in the bundle is the Centaur Companion.  I may have to be replacing someone in my top 5 with her.

The Galleon is Eagle Origin and comes pre-equipped with the following items:  Herculean Armor, Aegis Figurehead, Apollonian Rudder, and Wings of Chronos.  You have the choice of redeeming the ship at one of six different tiers, the highest being level 65.  

The gear can be redeemed at one of 9 different tiers (highest is for level 60+) and seems like it would be well suited for swashbucklers.  It boosts agility, accuracy, dodge, resistance and armor.  The gear also gives some pretty cool powers.

So like I said, a very cool bundle overall.  You can see more details at the Pirate101 website.   Thanks for reading!