Monday, December 9, 2013

An Autumnish Update


Even though I have been busy in real life, I have made some time for pirating......the legal type, in Pirate101.  However, I haven't had much time to blog about my progress in game, so I figured I would make one blog post updating you about all my characters.

Autumn Walker - Witchdoctor, level 65
This is my main pirate.  She has finished Aquila, including side quests.  I have also gotten all my companions on her to level 65 (that was A LOT of gold farming), farmed for all the best ship equipment for the Aquila galleon, and I have decent gear for her.  So basically she is ready for whatever adventures Kingsisle has in store for us next. :)

Autumn Walker - Privateer, level 32
This is the character whose progress I have mostly been blogging about.  I believe the last time I made a post about her, she was trying to save Mustang Sally in Port Regal. Since then, I have gotten the Magnificent seven back together and am now in the process of taking down the Wild Bunch.  I have to go into Old Jailhouse to defeat Ike Bronco, then it's on to the Haunted Skyway!  I am so close to Mooshu, I can't wait! :)

Autumn Walker - Buccaneer, level 29
I'll be honest with you......I can't remember if I ever blogged about this character before.  I created her so that I could have a character to level on at my own pace, without worrying about taking screenshots and blogging.  This character has just finished starting the war with Marleybone, and is about to rescue Mustang Sally in Port Regal.

Autumn Walker - Musketeer, level 33
This is the character I have been leveling with Edward Hawkins (Lifegem).  We have just reached the Haunted Skyway!  That means only a few more quests till we are out of Cool Ranch! Woohoo! :)  I don't take many pictures on here, since I am usually too busy talking while leveling, but here are a couple :)

Autumn Walker - Swashbuckler, level 11
This is the pirate I am questing on with my daughter.  You can see a recent post of our progress here: Autumn & Chloe Part 10.

So that's where all of my characters are. I had made a post awhile back about another character I had made to quest with my son on.  Well, it turns out he is like me and prefers to quest solo most of the time, so I deleted that pirate.  My son is currently level 36 and just started Mooshu, and he is loving the game! :)

Thanks for reading! I hope you have all been having fun questing as well.  See you soon! :)