Monday, December 2, 2013

Autumn & Chloe Part 10: Jester Suits and Parasites


I know it has been awhile, and I apologize for that.  To be honest, I have been pretty busy in real life, and on the days I haven't been too busy, I have had writer's block.  I would sit down, click on Blogger, and then........nothing.  I didn't want to publish posts that were written half-hearted, or that didn't make sense.  But anyway, the writer's block has left the building! So I am back, this time with another post about Autumn and Chloe!

The last time I posted about these characters, we had just defeated Chumba Wumba, and went to give Avery the chalice that he wanted.  Well, when we went to talk to him, he had a new quest for us.  He wanted to form a treaty, and the chalice was actually a gift for the governor of Puerto Mico!  Of course, who better to deliver the chalice than yours truly (I'm beginning to think Avery is just lazy.) :P

When we got there, we met the governor who do I put this nicely......Rude! lol  And once again, we had to prove ourselves by saving this section of the spiral, this time from watermoles and troggies!

So after lots of embarrassment (Seriously, have you seen the outfit we meet the governor in?), brain eating parasites (just don't drink the water) and GIANT spiders (EEEWWWWW), we battled our way through the Gold Mine area all the way to Gortez, who is the GOLDEN MONKEY!  Here are some pictures from our battle with Armada guys and Gortez. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the Jester suits):

Chloe and I are VERY close to making it to Monquista! We're both excited to get into a new world.  I hope to have a new Autumn and Chloe post before Christmas, and then every week starting after Christmas.  However, I do have some other ideas for posts that I will be making, so be sure to watch for those!  Thanks for reading! See you soon!