Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter

G'Mornin' Mateys!

It's December, my favorite month of the year! Snow, Christmas, family and usually surprises from Kingsisle!  Yesterday Pirate101 released their monthly newsletter for December! Are ye excited? Because you should be! This is the last newsletter of 2013 and there is some cool stuff in there this month:

  • An all new Rogue's Gallery featuring The Commodore
  • Check out Vadima's Visions about side quests
  • An awesome link and some tips from One-Eyed Jack about epic talents
  • A small note hinting at something happening for Christmas
  • A special message from the CEO of Kingsisle
  • Info regarding the new Empire Bundle!
  • AND..............more!
To see what the full newsletter has to offer, go here!  Like I said, lots of cool stuff this month.  There's no additional info about the sneak peeks that were released a few weeks ago, but hopefully we will hear something about that soon! :)

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Be sure to visit the link above! See y'all soon! :)