Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prospector Zeke: Secret Music Enthusiast


As some of you may or may not know, Prospector Zeke has a secret musical passion.  I say this because all of the Wizard101 and Pirate101 Prospector Zeke quests are based off of music groups.  I actually made a post about the Wizard101 Zeke quests way back when I first started my blog.  However, I never ended up updating it when the newer content was released.....Oops!

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to post some videos from the different music groups featured by Prospector Zeke so far in Pirate101.  And who knows, maybe this time I will even keep this list updated!

*Note* I own none of the videos below.  Also, all links below this point will lead to external websites. (Wikipedia and YouTube)

So, I have one question for you.......Are you ready, for what's to come? (Sorry, Creed moment there) :P

The Funky Bunch (Skull Island) - This is based off of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.  The guy you talk to in Kraken Skull Tavern is even named Marquis Mark.  They were a popular hip-hop group  in the early 1990's (when hip hop was still decent :P ) and had a couple good singles, mainly Good Vibrations and Wild Side. The former can be listened to below and is their best song (in my opinion.)

The Gypsy Kings (Monquista) - The real band is actually called The Gipsy Kings.  They're a Spanish band/pop group from France and have been around since the early 1980's.  However, they didn't make their way into the US music scene till 1989.  I have to admit, I didn't know any of this before I made this post.  I only knew them from their version of You've Got a Friend in Me that they recorded for Toy Story 3.  You can listen to that song below, and look up some of their other music as well.  It's pretty good if you like that sort of thing :)

Seagulls (Valencia) - A Flock of Seagulls is an English band late 1970's I think?  Maybe the early 1980's.  They have a few songs that I really like.  I actually had kind of a hard time choosing between I Ran (So Far Away) and the one below (The More You Live the More You Love.)  Go look up some of their other music!  They're pretty decent!

Dixie Chicks (Cool Ranch) - Everyone has to have heard of the Dixie Chicks, even if you don't listen to country music.  I love these guys....well girls.  I even have them on my iPod.   Apparently they have been around since 1989, but they are still going strong.  I had a REALLY hard time choosing just one of their songs to feature here.  Finally, I had my daughter pick, so here is Landslide.

The Shonen Knives (Mooshu) - Shonen Knife is a Japanese punk-pop band.  They formed in 1981 (the year I was born), and to be honest they are the only band associated with the Zeke quests I have never heard of :P  I'm sure they are pretty good, but never having really listened to their music, I can't really form an opinion.  Here is a random song of theirs from YouTube. Sorry if it isn't one of their better ones!

The Rolling Stones (Marleybone) - The Rolling Stones......Mick Jagger........Quite possibly the grandfathers of Rock 'n' Roll! (And another band that's on my iPod.)  They are an English Rock band that became popular in the early-mid 60's and you can still hear their music everywhere! They are absolutely amazing.  This is another band that has so many great songs to choose from that I had trouble, so I took suggestions on Twitter.  Thanks to Olivia/Kestrel for suggesting Wild Horses! :)

The Eagles (Aquila) - The Eagles (also on my iPod) are another amazing band.  They are from California and rose to fame in the 1970's.  I actually grew up listening to them, because my dad is a huge fan of them.  He went to one of their concerts a few years back, but decided to bring his wife instead of me....figures :P JK lol  Anyway, enough of my rmabling :P  This is another band that I had a hard time choosing a song for, so thanks to Edward (Lifegem/Cringle) for helping me choose the song Get Over It!

So that's all of the Zeke quests and the bands they are based off of.  I was tweeting earlier that I think they should add in Def Leppard as one in the future.  Which bands do you think would make cool Zeke quests?  Comment below and tell me!

No matter what Kingsisle chooses though, they definitely do an amazing job at including pop culture references in the game for us!  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!  See you in the spirals and keep on rockin'!


Unknown said...

I think they could do Rammstein. The quest could be finding ram shaped steins :P

Unknown said...

I reckon a bit of Pink Floyd would be awesome, so many options!!