Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Character Update


I have actually had quite a bit of time to level through Pirate101 lately.  It felt so good to get back in game and spend some real time there.  Other than NXP parties, I have been up to all kinds of things.  Here's an update of where all my pirates currently are.

As most of you know, my witchdoctor has been finished with the game for quite some time.  She's done all main and side quests, as well as getting her companions and nautical level maxed out.  There was one last thing I have been wanting to do though, and I am happy to say I finally accomplished it last week! I got a Tawny Sky Turtle pet! This was the only dropped pet I did not have yet.  So I spent a few days switching between Friar Sand and Shan Hong.  After about 50ish battles, Friar Sand was nice enough to drop one. :)

Other than farming, I have been using this character to help my son level through Mooshu.  He has actually suggested that once one of my other characters catches up to him, we quest together again, so you may be seeing a lot more posts featuring him in the future! :)

The last time I posted one of these update posts, I believe I had 3 characters all starting Haunted Skyway.  Well, I am extremely happy to let you know that all three of those characters are now out of Cool Ranch and at various parts of Mooshu!
My Privateer getting ready to get the first quest in Mooshu

My Privateer has made it to Mooshu, but I haven't started any questing on her yet.  I am planning on starting up with my update posts again, so be sure to watch for those!

Edward Hawkins and I have also made it to Mooshu, although we haven't done much there other than talk to some people.  I believe we are getting ready to fight some ships.  The last battle of Cool Ranch (Motherlode Mine) was a lot of fun with him, and not too much trouble either......Probably because we hired a henchman to help us out. :D  Here are a few pictures from that battle.

And last, but not least, my Buccaneer is pretty far into Mooshu.  I just defeated Dr. Noh and am getting ready to face off with General Tso in Khotan.  I decided to take a break from questing yesterday and did a bunch of companion promotions on her.  I had 7 total that needed to be done and it took me several hours.  Now that they have been completed, I am ready to get back to questing on there.  I cannot wait to make it to Marleybone! I think that's my favorite Pirate101 world so far! :)

The only character I haven't been working on much is my swashbuckler.  I will have a post the beginning of next week about that though.  It feels really good to be making so much progress in the game though! And as much as I like Cool Ranch, having 3 characters stuck there at the same time got kinda......redundant. lol  I am not too sad to say goodbye to that world for now.

Before I go, just one more thing.  I have recently updated the "My Pirates" page on this blog.  I am planning to keep that page updated on a weekly basis.  All of my characters are listed there, along with their current levels and up-to-date pictures.  If you see anyone named Autumn Walker in the spiral that doesn't match up with one of those characters, it is NOT me. If you do see one of those characters, feel free to say hi! :) I am usually questing in One Eyed Jack realm.

Anyway, I will see you all soon! Have fun questing!