Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter


Yesterday Pirate101 released their monthly newsletter for February 2014.  There was another sneak peek of the upcoming new content at the end of it, but first lets take a look at a few of the other awesome highlights.

  • An all new Rogue's Gallery featuring Gracie Conrad
  • A new Marleybone wallpaper available for download
  • Vadima's Visions with an enticing list of bosses that drop cool stuff
  • A run-down of the new Pirate101 mini game, Dueling Diego
  • Tips from One Eyed jack about changing realms
  • A sad goodbye to Talkin' the Plank, as well as a warm welcome to Adventures of the Spiral :)
And last, but definitely not least......THE SNEAK PEEK!  At the very bottom of the newsletter is another image titled "Completely Barmy."  

As you can see, it's a brand new staircase in Avery's Court.  It looks kind of like it is placed between the Privateer and Buccaneer schools, but I'm not sure.  What do you think it could be?

Be sure to comment and let me know! And definitely check out the newsletter for lots of cool stuff!


Chrissy The Blesser said...

That's just what I think it is too. The bell tower and the hanging boat all fit. I am very much looking forward to what they have up their sleeves. I would really love to hear the horror stories they must now have from what ever it is that has caused such delays. I do what I can to keep the whining and complaining down on the boards and on Facebook but it sure would be great to be a fly on the wall and hear what Hawkulean efforts they are going through to get this update finally out. I feel sorry for them, those great workers at KI. They are working their tushies off and all they are getting from posters is "This is a joke" & "What? Another week and STILL no updates, what are you guys doing? Less work on bundles to make money and more work on the game. Well you get my drift. It must be so disheartening for them. I just hope that the posts from the patient fans are getting to them too so they are encouraged in this time of heavy work loads and pressing deadlines. x Huge hugs from Chrissy to all the workers x :D