Monday, February 24, 2014



Saturday was part 2 of the Secrets of the Spiral NXP Extravaganza!  It was a lot of fun, although many people there were complaining that they were experiencing lag.  This was because a lot of people showed up.  And many people/ships in one area equals lag.  Actually, at one point I even made up a mini song about it, which went something like this:
If things get slow
In the skyways
Who you gonna call?

*cough* though the game was running kinda slow at first, I still had a great time.  I hope everyone else who came did as well.  I definitely know everyone was getting lots of NXP and gold.  I was also happy to see a few people from my list port who are already at max nautical level. They ported just to chat and have a good time socializing.
Just a few of the people waiting in Avery's Court
before the party started!
There were even a few good friends hanging out on my ship collecting NXP and leveling up while I was fighting the ships.  They didn't get as much NXP as they would have if they were on their own ships, but it was still pretty cool! And it helped me out when they were clearing tokens from my deck.  And apparently at one point I became a GHOST!  It must have been the ghost ship I was using. :P
Autumn the Ghost is driving! :)
Picture courtesy of Edward at ATSWEL
If you have never been to one of my NXP parties and would like to see what they are like, you can view the video below.  It was made by Johnny at Pirates of the Spiral and covers the first 25ish minutes of the event.

I am planning on having at least one NXP event per month, maybe 2 if I have time, so be sure to watch for future announcements!  Thanks for reading and happy sailing! :)


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