Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome Back Event Recap

Hey Everyone!

Today was the day that Edward from Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem and I had scheduled our event for.  Well......we had it and it was so much fun!  I decided to go on my privateer so I could finish getting her nautical level maxed out.  We met up with everyone in Avery's Court before the event started and then we headed to Achaean Way in Aquila to sink some ships.

Me and Edward before the event waiting for people to show up :)
Once we ported to Aquila, the fun began.  Wow! I really missed having these events.  And even though he wouldn't admit it, I know Captain Taco (aka Spartacos) missed me too.  He's been awfully lonely over in that skyway all by himself! :P

Anyway, we fought ships for about an hour and got lots of scrip, NXP, ship equipment and TONS of gold!  Plus, like I said, it was a blast!  And I did manage to level up from nautical level 63 to nautical level 65! WOOT! :)

After the NXP portion of the event, we headed over to my Witchdoctor's Haunted Grotto and had a scavenger hunt that we had planned out ahead of time.  It consisted of several (10) items that were hidden, which we gave out clues for.  The first two people that came back and had the correct answer won packs of their choice.  The last two questions each had one winner though.  I gifted an Adorabilis pet and Edward gifted a Solar Saber mount!  It was a lot of fun!  Congrats again to all the winners!

After the scavenger hunt, there were still some people hanging out, so we went in for some PVP.  I didn't get a chance to PVP against anyone this time, but I had fun watching! :)
Overall, it was a really fun event.  I cannot wait to have more in the future.  It feels so good to be back!  Thanks again to everyone who came, and thanks to Edward for hosting the event with me! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!  See you in the Spiral!

P.S.  You can read Edward's recap post if you click the link at the top of this page. :)