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Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween 2015 Contest Winners

Hey Everyone!

My Halloween Bunkhouse Decorating contest ended yesterday and I have chosen the winners.  Thank you to everyone who entered!  I really enjoyed seeing the entries, and I hope you all had fun decorating!  Here are the winners:

First Prize - Bloody Wesley Xavier
Smuggler's Cove House & House Space Elixer
Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

Every night around midnight, a faint organ sound can be heard drifting throughout Skull Island. It is said that if you follow the haunting melody, you may be lucky and find a lost chapel and it's one solitary inhabitant, a lone specter that haunts the grounds. Who, or what, is he? What does he want? Why does linger? No one can say.

Second Prize - Canny Kestrel Armstrong
Smuggler's Cover House & House Space Elixer
5,000 Crowns

This is my Haunted Halloween Circus. My spooky black tiger Lady Shadow asked me to recreate her childhood home in the circus. Like all circuses, no matter what the season, there is always something or someone scary tucked away into a tent. In this case it's the circus boss, Mister Chuckles. Lady Shadow loves Halloween.

Third Prize - Alex
Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

Hello and welcome to the official Haunted House of the year! Wait till you learn about our little buddy Fang the ghostly crab as he explores this house! The owner has put in many Halloween decorations this year! Some of these include some pumpkins,  Jack-o-rugs, and cobweb rugs! To make this haunted house extra spookier, the wall is completely covered with cobwebs and spooky masks! There is also some withered trees and a creepy fire! This haunted house will be sure to give you a fright!

Runner up - James Morgan
5,000 Crowns

Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks again for entering!  All of the codes have been emailed.  I will be giving away more codes on my twitter in the coming week, so be sure to watch.  Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pirate101 Challenge #5: Companions Stay Dead


It's time for another post in my "10 Ways to Make Pirate101 More Challenging" series.  I hope everyone is enjoying these posts so far, and that they are giving all you pirates ideas for some new ways to play the game!  Let's get started!

The object of this challenge is to complete the game using companions only until they are defeated.  See below for further explanation.


1.  Start out playing the game as you normally would.  As you gain companions, keep them available in your crew.

2.  Once a companion is defeated in battle, either assign them to a task or place them in your house for the rest of the game.  You may no longer use this companion.

3.  If at any point during this challenge you run out of companions, you may either consider the challenge over and resume playing as normal or choose 5 companions to add back to your line up and continue the challenge.

4.  You may continue leveling any companions that have been defeated and removed from play.

Tips and Tricks

1.  Keep all your companions leveled up as much as possible.  You never know when you might need to use one.

2.  Maybe wait to recruit side quests companions until you absolutely have to, that way they are starting off at a higher level.


If you continue leveling and promoting companions that have been defeated, you may still use that companion in its promotion quest.  Not for the main quests though.


1.  Treat pets the same way as companions and if they are defeated in battle, unequip them for the rest of the game as well.

2.  If all of your companions are defeated, continue questing by yourself as far as you can or until you recruit a new companion.

That's it for this challenge.  This is another one I am thinking of trying out, mainly because I have the same few companions I rely on for most of my questing and I think it would be a fun challenge to be forced to try out new ones.  Have you ever tried anything like this before? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

Guess what! Pirate101 is three years old today! Happy Birthday Pirate101!

To celebrate, they are giving away tons of arrrsome parrrty favors, including the new Karma Chameleon pet!  You can get yours by clicking the following link: It's Time for a Parrrty.  This giveaway is good until 11:59pm on November 1st, so be sure to remember to get yours!

There are also new pets and furniture items in the crowns shop,  Thanks for all the cool new stuff Kingsisle! :)

On top of all that, remember to tune into KI Live today at 5:00pm CST.  These events are always tons of fun and I bet they have something awesome planned for Pirate101's birthday celebration.  Unfortunately I am going to miss it (kid's have drum lessons) but these events are so awesome I will definitely be reading everyone's live tweets about it on twitter.  If you aren't busy today, you can watch it live here: KI Live.

Thanks for reading and happy birthday again Pirate101! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pirate101 Challenge #4: First Mates Only

It's time for another post in my "10 Ways to Make Pirate101 More Challenging" series.  I hope everyone is enjoying these posts so far, and that they are giving all you pirates ideas for some new ways to play the game!  Let's get started!

The object of the fourth challenge is to play the entire main story with just your first mate.  This doesn't mean you have to choose one companion to use the whole game.  You just have to complete all battles with only one companion per battle.


1.  Give all your companions except your first mate tasks, or place them in your house/bunkhouse. This will allow you to enter each battle with just the companion that is assigned to be your first mate.

2.  You may use any spell minions or doubloon minions you have.

3. You may also use a pet.  However, the pet must start out at level 1, like your pirate and level up accordingly.

4.  You may switch out your first mate with any other companion at any point during the game, even before every battle if you want to.

5.  For companion promotions, make sure you set whichever companion you are promoting to be your first mate.

Tips and Tricks

1.  Keep several different companions with different classes and abilities leveled up so you can
switch them out for different battles.

2. Complete as many side quests as possible.  This will allow you to max out your companions to a higher level and let you equip better gear.

3.  Get the best gear you can for your level.

4.  You might play with trying out different talents on your companions than you normally would. For example, maybe focus on defensive talents more than offensive.

5.  Definitely train a second class on your pirate.  This is something I haven't had to do with any of mine while questing normally, but for this challenge, it would help a lot!
My Witchdoctor fighting Hydra with El Toro as her only companion


If you decide to complete side quests for this challenge, you may use the normal amount of companions.  Only for the side quests though!  Once you go back to questing on the main story, be sure to start using just your first mate again.  Companion promotion quests do not count as side quests for this challenge.


1.  To make this challenge easier, use 2 companions instead of just one.

2.  To make it harder, use only one companion for side quests as well as main quests.

3.  Try using the same companion as your first mate for the whole game.

Good luck if you try this!  I would love to hear about your experiences!  Just comment below.  Thanks for reading and see you soon with Challenge #5! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why I Won't Give Up On Pirate101......And Why You Shouldn't Either

Hey Everyone!
I don't think a day goes by when there isn't someone asking for Book 15 in Pirate101.  It has gotten to the point that I have seen many members of the community saying things that I honestly do not want to repeat, mainly because I don't want to give those negative rumors any attention.  This post is meant to be positive, because I am positive that all of the rumor-spreaders and people giving up on Pirate101 are making a big mistake.  Let me explain why.

To start with, Pirate101 was released with more content than Wizard101 was initially.  Pirate had five worlds to start off with, whereas Wizard only had four at its release date.  Pirate101 was also released with mounts, housing, shared bank, and Crowns Shop, all things Wizard101 did not have at first.  There may be more, but I'll be honest and say I'm not too familiar with pre-Celestia Wizard101.

Not only was Pirate101 released with Wizard101 comparable content and features, it also has its own set of things that Wizard101 does not have.  Examples of this are companions, ships, skyways, not to mention a more advanced combat system.  Companions alone, with all their promotions and background, would make developing Pirate101 more time consuming.  This game has so many  more details than Wizard101, which is one of the things I love most about it.  It probably also makes adding more features and content a bigger project for the developers.

Now let's talk about updates, since this seems to be what has most people upset.  Let's see.  Well, going back through the update notes since May 2013 (which is when Marleybone and Aquila were released) Pirate101 has had eleven updates.  Guess how many Wizard101 has had......Eleven! Imagine that!  They have had the same amount of updates. If you count all of the updates for both games since the beginning of 2013, Pirate101 actually has one more update than Wizard101, thirteen for Pirate and twelve for Wizard.

People may argue that Wizard101 has had more main content updates in this period of time than Pirate101 has.  Well I guess that depends on how you look at it.  Wizard101 had one world added, split into two updates.  Pirate101 had two worlds released in one update.  Not to mention that between both of Wizard101's main content updates you can only gain 10 new levels.  With Pirate101's update you can gain 15 new levels. In my opinion, this actually means Pirate has had more main content added in the past two and a half years than Wizard.  Maybe Kingsisle should have released Marleybone and then waited a year before they gave us Aquila.  Same amount of content, different waiting period.  I honestly wonder if it would have made a difference to how people are acting now.

 As far as side worlds/dungeons/quests go, both games again have had the same amount of updates; The Tower of Moo Manchu and Pirate's Regatta in Pirate, Aquila and the Four Dungeons in Wizard.  There has also been numerous other features added in both games.  It seems to me that the recent updates have been pretty much equal.

Then there are the people who say they don't mind the lack of updates (which, if you really look at everything I just wrote, isn't an actual problem).  They say their issue is the lack of communication from Kingsisle.  They say that even if Kingsisle doesn't have a release date for Book 15, they would like to know that they are at least working on it.  Well, Kingsisle has communicated that to us.  In fact, it was just a few months ago that Professor Falmea made a statement in the July 2015 Producer's Letter that said:
Lastly, we know many of you have been waiting a long time to hear about when we might continue the storyline. Unfortunately, I can only tell you that we are still exploring the possibilities. The Pirate story is a big one, and telling that story is a task we don’t take lightly. We are working hard to determine the best way to advance the story, increase the level cap, and allow you to forge ahead with your epic voyage, but I just cannot make any definite promises about how or when.
So yeah, if that isn't Kingsisle communicating with its players, I don't know what is.  Just because it wasn't a piece of concept art or an exact date, it doesn't mean they gave up.  It says right there that they are working on it.  Not only that, they are trying to make it as amazing as it deserves to be.  I wonder how many people out there in the community have ever actually been involved in making an MMO.  I bet the answer is none.  Kingsisle knows what they are doing.  I would rather them take their time and take awhile to release something amazing than have them recycle ideas and release half completed content every year.

So I guess my point is that I really don't understand why people are saying that they love Pirate101 and then in the next breath saying they are giving up on it.  If you love something, why not support it?  I don't just mean financially (although the less money they get, I assume it will take longer to get Book 15).  I know that not everyone can afford to have a monthly membership. There isn't anything wrong with that.  However, there are other ways you can support the game.  Not quitting and not spreading rumors are just a couple of those.

Honestly, being pessimistic and constantly bothering the Kingsisle team about Book 15 is not going to make it show up any faster.  All it will do is make you unhappy.  Why not think positive?  I really don't think it's all that hard to believe that they haven't given up on Pirate101.  It's a choice; either you choose to believe or you choose not to.  If you love the game, why would you choose to not believe in it?  And if you for some reason don't love the game?  Well then I ask you, why waste your time spreading rumors?

And before anyone says the thing I have heard many times before, this post is not because I am a Pirate101 fan site.  I would feel the same way regardless of my blog's status.  Heck, I felt the same way during my 15 month hiatus from the games and blogging, before I even knew I would be able to come back.  I am making this post solely because I believe in Pirate101.....101%.  (See what I did there?) :P  I hope all of you decide to believe as well.  The game's 3rd birthday is this week.  Who knows what they have in store.....

If you made it through this post, well thanks for reading.  See you soon!   :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Guide to Treasure Chest Locations: Khotan Skyway

Kaizoku Jima

A)  From the dock, go all the way to the right and there is a chest at the end.

B)  Follow the path to the left and there is a chest between 2 bushes, right before the big rock.


A)  Right when you enter the dungeon, go right and there is a chest at the end.

B)  Go up the slope and to the left, past the water and all the trees and there is a chest in a clearing by the wall.

C)  When you go into the courtyard, there is a chest behind the tower.

D)  After the fight with General Tso, go up the stairs and follow the balcony around until you see the treasure chest.

Momoori Clanhold Cave

A)  When you enter the cave, follow the wall on the right until you come to a waterfall. The chest is in the waterfall.

B)  Go into the room with the cages.  There is a chest in the waterfall.

C)  Also in the room with the cages, run up the ramp next to the cages and there is a chest next to the stalagmite.

Moomori Compound

A)  There is a treasure chest to the right side of the Coop of the Great One.

B)  In the Moomori Clanhold Village there is a chest in the back left corner, behind the building.

Rokugara Island

A)  Go behind the buildings next to Old Ataru and the chest is at the end.

B)  Go around the first building on the left and the chest is behind the trees.
Sujimura Village

A)  When you leave the dock area, go to the left and there is a chest behind the first red house.

B)  Go to the back of Lord Mayor's House and there is a chest.

C)  Go down the path on the left, toward the Inoshishi Clanlord and there is a chest behind the Inoshishi Bandit Tower.

D)  From the dock, go to the right and there is a chest behind some rocks next to the wall.

Valley of the Titans

A)  Go into the Temple and stay to the right. There is a chest behind the bush.

B)  Go into the Cave of the White Lotus and there is a chest to the right of the entrance.

C)  Go into the Cave of the White Lotus and there is a chest to the left of the entrance behind the table.
Yagizawa Village

A)  When You first enter Governor's Estate, go to the right and the chest is behind the rocks.

B)  When you leave the Governor's Estate, follow he grass on the left all the way around the corner and behind the house. There is a chest at the end.

C)  Go across the river and into the fenced in area on he right.  The chest is behind the haystacks.

D)  Go up to the area where the mini game is and the chest can spawn next to any of the buildings.

E)  There is a chest to the right of Senjo's Lair.

F)  Down by Dojo Tower, there is a chest behind the wagon.
Yakooza Cave

Go straight to the back of the cave and the chest is behind the shipwreck.
Yama Kai

A)  From the dock, go to the right and all the way to the end and there is a chest behind the big stone pillar.

B)  Go all the way to the top of the island and there is a chest at the back of the building.

Those are all the treasure chests I could find.  As always, if you know of any I missed, please let me know!  Thanks for reading and happy treasure hunting! :)