Friday, October 9, 2015

Adventures in Moo Manchu Land

Hi Peoples!

A few days ago I decided to finally try out the Tower of Moo Manchu.  I have had the quest for awhile, but never actually got around to doing it.......'cause school stuff. But guess what......School is now DONE! Yay! :)

Anyway, since this was kind of a spur of the moment decision, I decided to try it out solo.  How did it go? Well......Better than I thought to be honest.  Keep reading to find out what happened!

The first floor wasn't too bad.  There was only a 5 different pig enemies so El Toro, Bonnie Anne, and I managed no problem.  I think we were done in 3 rounds; one round to power up and two rounds of attack.  El Toro and Bonnie are awesome!

The second floor was more of the same, except this time it was 3 vs 6.  There was also three rows of spikes across the floor.  I wasn't sure how much damage they would do, so for the most part I stayed back and let the enemies come to us.  This made the fight take a little longer than the first one, but it still wasn't too bad and we made it through okay.  Have I mentioned that El Toro and Bonnie Anne are awesome? :)

The third floor: Ah yes, the floor with the innocent looking statues.   So this battle started out similar to the first couple battles; me and my 2 trusty companions vs 6 pigs......At least that's how it started.  Then me being me, I decided to blow up one of those innocent looking statues I mentioned before.  *Note to self* DO NOT BREAK THE STATUES!  Yeah, they turn into these evil little Foo Dog impostors with glowing red eyes.  Not nice!  Luckily I only broke one statue, but I have a feeling the other statues would turn into evil Foo Dogs too.  I still made it through this floor with Bonnie and El Toro by my side.  Go Me! :)

By the fourth floor, I was feeling like I was on fire!  Just......I didn't know the game would take this so literally.  I am pretty sure this battle starts out as 3 vs 6, just like the others.  Easy, right? Well, no.  See, there's a fire in each corner of the room at the beginning and after each battle, it spreads.  This was where Bonnie and El Toro finally the flames.  RIP guys.  You will be missed.  But I sweated it out and managed to finish the battle by myself.  It was a really close one though!

After the fourth floor there was a nice surprise waiting for me.  Actually, two nice surprises.  The first was a group plunder chest, which I couldn't open since I'm not a group.  :P  Oh well, next time!  The second was.......The whole fifth floor was empty, except for yum yum fruits! Yay!  This was a nice break!

The sixth floor was really hard.  I actually almost died and bought a henchman to help me out at the end.  This one starts off as 3 vs 9!  Crazy!  There also wasn't any more pigs.  Instead there was those evil Foo Dog things as well as dragons and Ki-Rens.  And like I said, it was HARD!  I was using Nausica and Kan Po for this level, since my other two companions died.  Maybe that wasn't a good choice, but hey, live and learn, right?  Anyway, I did make it through, but just barely.  Like I said, I had to hire a henchman and everything.  But if I knew how the next fight would go.......I would have saved my crowns. :P

The seventh floor.  What can I say about it?  Well......not much.  This is where I died.  There were a lot of guys to fight on this level as well, 9 again I think.  This time they were Ronins.  And they did not like me.  Not even a little.  It was like a slaughter.  I bet this is where having a group would be useful.  I can only imagine what the floors above are like.

Don't get me wrong, this tower was A LOT of fun.  I love challenges like this.  And like I said at the beginning, I made it much further than I thought I would soloing for my first time.  When I go in again (hopefully with a group)  I will make another post.  Anyway, thanks for reading! See you soon! :)