Friday, October 2, 2015

Birth-O-Ween 2015

Ahoy Pirates!

Yesterday Pirate101 announced the start of their Birthday/Halloween celebration!  There are lots of new items available in the crowns shop, like ships, pets, furniture and more!  You can check out the full details here: Halloween in Skull Island.

In addition to all that, Skull Island has been decorated with balloons, banners and........PRESENTS!!!  That's right, there are presents for all of us pirates to open scattered around Skull Island.  Each one gives a bit of gold as well as a chance at an awesome item!  Below you can see a sampling of what you have a chance of receiving.

*Note* I have personally received all of the items below, so they are definitely dropped from the boxes!

Eye Patches
Autumn Eye Patch
Birthday Eye Patch
Crossbones Eye Patch
Jack O'Lantern Eye Patch
Metal Eye Patch
Pirate's Eye Patch

Birthday Cake Crawlie (Pinching Egg)
Karma Chameleon (Scaled Egg)
Karma Paper Dragon (Soaring Egg)

7-Day Rental Mounts
Aquilan Pegasus
Armored Scorpion
Clockwork Wings
Flying Manta Ray
Flying Turtle
Forest Tiger
Jaunty Jaguar
Lonely Buffaloon
Lurching Lobster
Pirate Parrot
Pouncing Panther
Prancing Pony
Riding Lion (Dark Brown, No Trade)
Riding Lion (Light Brown)
Sky Shark
Solar Saber Mount
Thunderous Ki-Ren
Transport Golem

Housing Items
Black Checker
Blue Party Gift
Gobbler Pinata
Gumball Machine
Piggy Bank
Red Checker
Red Party Gift
Ship in a Bottle
Small Toy Train Set
Tall Sundae
Teddy Bear
Theater Masks
Toy Monkey
Toy Train Set

Pet Snacks (Rank)

Albion Eggs (5)
Banana and Potatoes (3)
Banana Burger (4)
Banana Creole (3)
Banana Gumbo (3)
Banana Kabobs (3)
Banana Salad (3)
Banana Sandwich (4)
Banana Soup (3)
Banana Stew (3)
BanditO's (6)
BBQ Banana (6)
Beast Wellington (6)
Breakfast Tacos (4)
Buffaloon Patties (4)
Cactopus (4)
 Chilly Con Queso (4)
Coconutella (2)
Cupcake (5)
Decimatoes (6)
Deep Fried Banana (3)
Despertatoes (6)
Farm Fresh Yum (5)
Fish Fingers (1)
Fortune Cookies (5)
Golden Pineapple (1)
Haggis Crisps (5)
Hero Sandwich (5)
Jelly Rogers (2)
Junction Jerky (4)
Kippers (5)
Lemon Pepper Banana (4)
Licicles (6)
Minotarts (5)
Miranda Migas (4)
Molten Lava Cake (2)
Moolong Tea (5)
Mystery Nuggets (2)
Pan Fried Banana (3)
Sasperilla (4)
Satyr Chow (6)
Scrimshaw Swiss (1)
Stargazy Pie (5)
Stir Fried Banana (3)
Stymphalian Birdseed (5)
Troggy Taffy (2)
Tumbleweed Toast (4)
Watermolen (2)
Wholly Frijoles (4)
Yum Trifle (5)

So as you can see, lots of awesome stuff!  Make sure you take the time to log in and enjoy the festivities while they last!  See you in the spiral and Happy Birth-O-Ween Pirate101! :)